NBC Puts Jimmy Fallon Under the Microscope

late night with jimmy fallon

Dear Jimmy Fallon,

The honeymoon is over.

A mere two days into your LATE NIGHT adventure, your corporate overlords at NBC/Universal have already taken it upon themselves to send out a teensy little survey (via email) to select members of the viewing public asking some very in-depth questions about everything Jimmy.

And as luck would have it, your friendly neighborhood TV Addict just so happened to be among the lucky few to receive said survey.

Now don’t panic, we went easy on you. Even though we’re not gonna lie, we are kind of disappointed you (a) are not following us on twitter or (b) invited us to see the show.

Chalking up your opening night stiffness to the sheer terror you must have felt knowing that Monday’s show was the most important hour of your life, when asked to check off how we would describe you, we choose “silly,” “goofy” and “funny” rather than “nervous,” “irritating” and “a bad interviewer.” We also cut you some slack when asked to quite literally dissect your show segment-by-segment, choosing “Very Entertaining” and “Somewhat Entertaining” over the far harsher “Not At All Entertaining.”

Then we’re going to be honest, our patience began to wear thin. Because NBC/Universal really wanted us to get specific.

Would we like to see Jimmy participate in more sketches like he did on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE? Did we enjoy interactions between Jimmy and the band The Roots? Did The Roots add to our enjoyment of the show? Did we enjoy the episode? Were the comedy segment funny? Would we recommend Jimmy to a friend? And on, and on, and on…

In other words, Jimmy we hate to be the ones to tell you this. But come Monday morning, should an entire legion of NBC executives in ominous dark suits and glasses drop by your office with a massive pile of dreaded notes, act surprised.

And more importantly, don’t forget the advice of the almost always spot on Tim Goodman when he said in Monday’s San Francisco Chronicle, “When someone from NBC comes to you and asks for changes – which they will – that’s when you put up or shut up about your personal stamp, your legacy. Do your show. If you do their show, it’ll never work.”

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  • blueberry

    It’s horrible so far.

    Most notably horrible and confusing is why Late Night has IVOD (internet video of the day). If I wanted to watch an unfunny video segment with Jimmy doing an unfunny commentary over the said video then I would go on youtube and randomly select a video while watching a rerun of SNL over it.

    In all seriousness, I don’t see this segment working. If Jimmy Fallon’s target audience is the technologically inclined, they already know how to find infinitely more funny videos online by themselves. No need for middleman.

    End rant.

  • blueberry,

    Interesting rant. Even though I’m hesitant to critique the poor guy after less than a week of shows, I was hoping for a very different show, rather than more of the same.

  • TVFan

    I cannot believe that NBC is already micromanaging the show. Talk about jumping the gun. How about giving the guy a chance.

  • It isn’t micromanagement yet, it’s just market research. This whole late-night switcheroo between Jay, Conan & Jimmy is costing them a LOT of money and they want to make sure the investment is going well.

  • Patty

    While I am not loving Jimmy (so far) I know I DO NOT want SNL every night. Let Jimmy find his feet. Don’t do what everyone else is doing or has already done. Do what you want and be funny. And NBC needs to give him at least a month to figure out what he’s doing.

  • John

    Conan and Letterman both took a YEAR or more to really hit their stride.

  • Cooky N

    Fallon is MUCH worse than Conan, and he certainly was terrible enough! Neither can or will hold a candle to Leno OR Letterman. NBC made a very bad tactical error. Only good thing they’ve done is give Leno a contract for 10 pm. Now I’ll be able to watch both Leno AND Letterman!

  • David D

    Jimmy Fallon is excruciatingly bad and lame. He makes even Conan look funny (and that takes a lot!). Thankfully there is real comic talent to watch at 12:37am-the truly gifted and hilarious Craig Ferguson.

  • tim w. in tx

    I haven’t even bothered to check him out. not interested. i thought the promos on nbc for it were stupid. it turned me off. before i even saw it. sorry dude. better be glad i didn’t get a survey. lol

  • Lily

    Have you noticed that it is mostly guys who hate Jimmy? I smell jealousy…

  • Susan

    No Lily, it isn’t jealousy. It is annoyance that other talented funny people have not had the breaks this idiot has. Why Lorne Michaels keeps trying to stuff this guy down our throats is beyond me.

    No one likes him or thinks he’s talented. If you notice – none of his SNL castmates have cast him in anything or have ever worked with him again. That alone should tell you exactly what people think of him.

    I am a girl and I hate Jimmy Fallon’s guts. He has no talent. And he will not go away no matter how many times he utterly fails at things – moves, TV,…He was tolerable reading Tina Feys lines on SNL news. But that is it. He is just attractive to some girls who see him as cute – as soon as that wears off he will hopefully go away.

    His entire fan base is women who like frat boy types.

  • Paula Tschauner

    Please pull the plug on Jimmy Fallon….Fallon is a horrendous FLOP. I am afraid without Rachel Dratch…Fallon falls “Flatch.”

  • Roy Graham

    Jealousy isn’t even needed when discussing a deep hatred of Jimmy Fallon. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to hate on the guy. Chief among them, he’s terrible at his job.

    He’s a hack. He’s always been a hack. I’ve not met a single person who has had more than a brief chuckle induced by Fallon’s on-screen antics. If the execs actually do decide to put him in more sketches (a la SNL) then they’re essentially signing his pink slip since the man is incapable of performing well in scripted comedy.

    It boggles my mind to think that he over anyone else was chosen to replace a genuinely talented entertainer like Conan. It would just rock and roll if Jimmy Fallon retired to the country to raise sheep and laugh at himself in a mirror.

  • 0zzie

    All you haters need to shut it, jimmy fallon is awesome. A breath of fresh air, I used to love leno and watched him all the time, but now im literally addicted to jimmy fallon and as a medical student finding time is tough, but thanks to the internet i’ve watched almost every show. Keep up the good work jimmy and dont let the haters get to you. Your doing awesome!!!

  • sfull006

    Yeah! Go Fallon! All of us girls love u. You’re just so cute. Like a little lost puppy dog every time you walk on that stage. I love your impresion of a three year old having a seizure while those Boots people play that music. lol. Don’t let those haters get you down. All the girls on my cheer squad think youre hot. So like dont worry about not being funny. Well always watch cause like all those other late night people are like totally old, oo gross. XoXo.

  • boogers

    And you Sfull are the perfect example of what was talked about above in respect to women watching Fallon. So caught up in looks and no talent you can’t even remember the bands name. I love people that prove the rule

  • shutyomouth

    “guys hate jimmy fallon, i smell jealousy”

    I am a guy and do you want to know why the segment of the guy population that is attracted to females hates jimmy fallon. It is because we can smell a fake punk butt kissing d-bag weasle a mile away, we have had to deal with alot of them. Oh and the fact that he couldn’t make a baby laugh.

  • jimbo jones

    Jimmy fallon is a road warrior queef!