The TV Addict Nooner: UGLY BETTY, KINGS, REAPER & More!

Because we know you’d never surf the web on ‘company time,’ is proud to present what will hopefully become a new daily semi-daily feature: Our brief roundup of interesting, bizarre, surprising and funny TV news to help you get you through the day (or at the very least, your lunch hour.)

LISTEN: To what may be the next best thing to a Marc and Amanda spin-off, the official UGLY BETTY podcast featuring, you guessed it, Marc and Amanda. [Click here to listen]

PLAY: Reporter, in this really cool interactive trailer for NBC’s exciting new series KINGS. [Click to play]

LEARN: That the CW cares very little about the fate of REAPER as evidence by its questionable decision to launch its second season (which attracted a disappointing 2.3 million viewers) up against FOX’s unstoppable reality TV Juggernaut AMERICAN IDOL (which by comparison garnered 24.3 million viewers.) [Source]

PUKE: At the realization that Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle for the Oscars cost a reported $56,000 while the average American makes roughly $32,000 per year. [Source]

WATCH: A spoiler-heavy three-plus-minute trailer that ran during the recent San Francisco WonderCon panel for TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES. [Click here for video]

  • Josh Emerson

    Were the Reaper ratings actually disappointing? The show has been off the air for 10 months and only dropped from 2.69 mil for the S1 finale to 2.39 mil for the S2 premiere. What more could the CW expect?

    Oh wait, the CW wants nothing but teen girl dramas on the air, even though Smallville and Supernatural are basically their highest rated shows. Great decision making Ostroff.

  • Nick

    Excuse me, Miss Ostroff! Yeah, you…blondie. I’m a guy and I spend money. Probably more than those 14-year-old chicks you’re so fond of. (Mystifying.) I also LOVE Reaper, Supernatural, and will tolerate 90210 (since Matt Lanter’s aboard) if you crank up the outrageous storylines. There is nothing you could put up against Idol that would’ve done any better, so consider Reaper’s return a success, and do the smart thing for once in your freakin’ life: renew for season 3.