Free Film Friday: See SMALLVILLE’s Kristin Kreuk on the Big Screen

The rules are simple. The first fifteen Kristin Kreuk fans to leave a comment below will receive a free pass (good for two admissions) to see STREET FIGHTER: LEGEND OF CHUN-LI on the big screen (and a STREET FIGHTER comic book to go with the tickets as well!)

Based on the legendary video game by Capcom, STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN-LI brings new dimension to a world and characters beloved by millions. Devastated by the kidnapping of her father, Chun- Li takes to the streets of Hong Kong, embarking on an epic quest for justice- and hurtling toward a confrontation with a seemingly unstoppable foe.

But before you post, there’s a catch: The tickets are only valid from Monday thru Thursday at any Cineplex Entertainment Theatre in the Greater Toronto Area. Tickets are not transferable to any other movie and have no face value.

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  • a-man

    kristin kreuk? yay! chun-li? YAY!!

  • Elize Morgan

    I’d be interested if you’ve any left?

  • luke

    That’s a VERY big catch. Although I love free stuff, I don’t think I’ll be driving 12 hours to Toronto in order to see it.

  • eric

    i love kristen
    and cun li is my fav!

  • eric

    opps…CHun Li

  • Linda B.

    I don’t want a ticket, but just wanted to let you know you misspelled Kristin’s name.

  • Thanks Linda B!

  • showtime

    I want to see this movie sooooo bad!

  • Gabriela Duclos

    My hubby is a HUGE fan….

  • ewanspotter

    You couldn’t PAY me to see this. XD

  • Andy

    Er… I think you should have warned readers that the movie is actually painful to watch… Most critics have said it’s “terrible”

  • Deb

    Kristin Kreuk rocks.. I would to check out this film!!