Spotted: Georgina Sparks Returns to GOSSIP GIRL

gossip girl

Spotted: Your very first look at the return of everybody’s favorite Upper East Side troublemaker Georgina Sparks. And while details are being kept tightly wrapped with regards to what exactly brings Georgina back to New York, and more importantly why she looks a little too happy to be talking to Chuck Bass, actress Michelle Trachtenberg does promise (in an interview with E! Online) that when she makes her debut in the first of a multi-episode arc starting April 27, “It will definitely be filled with a lot of fantastic, juicy details and elements.” We can’t wait.

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  • Melissa

    AH! I can’t wait! She is one of my favorite “love to hate “characters. I am soooooo ready for new episides of GG on March 16!!

  • TVFan

    Cannot wait. I XOXO Georgina Sparks!

  • showtime

    What else can they do with her character? Or are they gearing up to give her a spin off as well? Ha! Ha!

  • shanna

    I think it’s great. The exit of her character was really rushed due to writer’s strike shenanigans so I’m excited to see her come back.

  • Nicey

    Im happy she’s back. Im sure that things are about to get more shooken up now!