TV Ratings: Sunday March 8, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM ABC Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 8.6 2.7/8
CBS The Amazing Race 10.22 2.9/8
NBC SNL: Just Commercials 5.73 2.0/6
FOX The Simpsons 5.99 2.8/8
CW Easy Money (Movie) 872,000 0.2/1
8:30PM FOX King of the Hill 4.92 2.4/6
9PM ABC Desperate Housewives 13.33 4.6/11
CBS Cold Case 12.17 2.9/7
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 7.05 2.7/7
FOX Family Guy 7.17 3.7/9
CW Easy Money (Movie) 868,000 .02/1
9:30PM FOX American Dad 5.32 2.7/6
10PM ABC Brothers & Sisters 10.25 3.6/9
CBS The Unit 9.17 2.4/6
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 8.35 3.2/8

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  • DId you get the demo ratings too? Those are even more telling than the overall viewers.

  • I did, I’m still trying to work out the kinks on this new feature.

  • patty

    Oh I like this feature…I’m always looking for this stuff online but get distracted and give up before I find it. How interesting!

  • bws

    good stuff, TVA. I like it. The Share numbers are interesting in that they show what percentage of people are watching network TV versus not network TV. There are just so many choices out there now! Granted, I’d say about 80% of what I watch is on the networks but I don’t know if that’s true for everyone.

  • Josh C.

    you know I was never really aware of how solid Family Guys numbers were. Good to know people are watching lol I don’t want it to get cancelled for a 3rd time.

  • bws

    Yeah, Josh, Family Guy is super safe. Beats The Simpsons!

    I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the Amazing Race doing so well, winning the time slot. Love that show every week.

  • Jonah

    YES!!! FINALLY some easy to read, easy to find, ratings! THANK YOU TV ADDICT! I hope you do this every night!