TV Made Me Do It!

A recent trip down memory lane with a good friend from high school who may-or-may-not-have dyed her hair to match Angela’s from MY SO-CALLED LIFE or once asked her hairdresser for “the Rachel” recently got this TV Addict thinking. What is the silliest, most embarrassing and/or regrettable thing you did when you were younger as a result of what some might call an unhealthy obsession with television? Mine, or at least the one that said friend will never let me live down involves a slight little obsession with the first season of DAWSON’S CREEK that had me actually choosing “Dawson” as my first (and last) screen name on that once popular online chatting client ICQ.

Your turn.

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  • This might not be too extreme, but before 90210’s heyday, I took one of my Bop magazine pics of Luke Perry and had it screened onto a t-shirt. It cost $30 of my babysitting money! About a year later, 90210 merchandise was everywhere.

  • Thank you for sharing your secret shame. Now here’s a more important question, did you or did you not spend the following year’s babysitting money on all the 90210 dolls!

  • As a child, I was convinced that Stephanie Tanner of Full House would wear a particularly stellar outfit that I owned (at least I thought it was stellar, looking back, not so much). I wore it every time the show aired, assuming that some day, we’d be wearing the same thing and it’d be awesome.

    My parents really should have done something about that.

  • I never purchased a 90210 doll, but I did win a 90210 prize pack from a local radio station that included a Dylan doll, the 90210 soundtrack, and a poster of the cast. I did spend money on a West Beverly Wildcats t-shirt, though!

  • Just Jody

    I got my hair chopped off quite short a la Kelley/Donna/Claire back in the day when they all got cropped. Let’s just say with hair as curly as mine, Felicity could have taken note and avoided that whole fiasco.

  • jamie

    in high school about 90% of my passwords, screen names, and user names had something to do with “Alias”

    examples? The Mountaineer. Sydney’s code name i the later seasons
    -47 or some play on those numbers. very important numbers in the Alias universe for reasons i can no longer remember.
    -I would also draw the Rambaldi symbol () on my hand where the members of the secret organization would get it tattooed to show their loyalty.

    To this day the only password I can remember is the original one that i used all those years ago….

  • Alyssa

    Jamie – I still do that! My work requires passwords with capitals and numbers so I have variations of TedMosby with #s thrown in. It’s easier to remember than most other things!

  • Ace

    I really wanted to get stripes in my hair right in the front like Rayanne from My So Called Life, but my mother put her foot down. One of my friends used the idea instead and I didn’t talk to her for at least a week. In retrospect I was only 12 or 13 when it was actually on the air, so I probably shouldn’t have been watching it in the first place… Man is it good though.

  • Jamie,
    The idea of you choosing password based on what of the most convoluted mythologies in TV history had me laughing out loud when I read it. SD6 APO CIA Sark! Sloane! Sydney! I would never be able to remember anything

  • maggie

    Too funny! My go-to password for YEARS was pacey.

  • Silly

    I will win
    I have a bar code as a tattoo on my neck like in “Dark Angel”

  • Josh Emerson

    I named my dog Tommy because of the character on the Power Rangers TV show. I was probably 7 or 8 at the time and I loved that show. I think I saw every episode and dressed up as a PR for Halloween. lol

  • Josh C.

    I am not ashamed in the slightest to admit that maybe 10 or 11 years ago when I was about 12 years old I had books upon books of pokemon cards in the plastic sleeves to protect them. I never played the game and to be honest never really wanted to learn how. I just thought they were cool. The sad thing is, I still have them….

  • Hil

    I bought the Mulder and Scully Barbie Set back in the day.

    I also loved DS9 so much I got the official magazines that came with posters and had character posters covering every inch of my room. Even posters of Quark and Morn. 🙁 I was hard core.

  • jamie

    I thought it made me cool that I understood that stuff. Or at least thought I knew. Also “il dire” was my email address for a while. with the ever so cheery “666” tagged on to the end.

  • gaus

    I don’t know if this is the same thing, but when Pushing Daisies was on the verge of being canceled, my friend and I made flyers and went to a local pie shop to distribute the flyers to save the show. The shop owner thought we were MENTAL!

  • I think I can beat Hil.

    I was so into Star Trek: TNG & DS9 when I was younger that I insisted on displaying (not playing with, just displaying) my Star Trek action figures on top of a bookshelf — in my college dorm room, freshman year.

    If you want to avoid having cool points — ever — take your Star Trek action figures to college with you. In my defense, the action figures did not return sophomore year.

    To add to the geekiness, I had an un-opened copy of each action figure at home, because of course they were going to be valuable some day <– insert sarcasm here. Since then, I have sold the opened figures on eBay (at no great value), but I admit, I *still* have kept some of the unopened ones boxed up in a closet — and I probably always will.

  • Poor Todd W in NC,

    What were you thinking 🙂

    Star Trek TNG and DS9 action figures should always be kept hidden away deep within the recesses of your room. As mine were all through high school and university!

  • jamie

    Oh and one more thing. I have a cat named Hiro. it used to make me happy but now not so much cause the show is going down hill.

  • Dominique

    I grew up looking up at the Beverly Hills 90210 gang so as a girl I tried to copy the Kelly and Brenda hairstyles, their clothes, their bags, etc. I had every 90210 merchandise possible … yes including the dolls. I had an entire wall of small 90210 posters and a big scrapbook. The wall does not exist anymore but I kept the scrapbook just for old memories.

  • I liked Buffy so much I spent pretty much all four years of high school in V-neck, three quarter sleeve shirts and jeans with a leather jacket. And I tried to style my hair like hers (being a Black girl with short hair, I don’t think anybody really figured out that I was trying to be SMG).

  • Pau

    Mine is only from a couple of years ago. I love Dexter so much and thought it was such a great way to get rid of criminals that I gave it a try. Now I can’t go a month without my “fix.” Ain’t TV great?

  • If it helps, Todd W, my bro and I bought Muppets figures a few years back. I displayed mine until I moved into my new place (where my boyfriend said no to the display), and my bro had some in unopened boxes.

    Of course, Muppets are awesome, so I don’t see this as embarassing. 🙂

  • Matt B

    When I was in elementary school Buffy the Vampire Slayer started and I was obsessed. I used to watch the show weekly, buy all of the books that came out, buy the magazines, the cds, posters,calenders, lollipops anything to do with the show I got… Not even joking you the show came out when I was in grade one… My parents banned me from the show because thats all I would talk about and I used to think that all of that stuff was real. The day the show ended was one of the most emotional days of my life.. I can now say that I have not watched an episode in almost a year!

  • Victoria

    Maybe not so bad but our wimpy white male dog is named Simon, our strong black female dog is named Zoe (Firefly anyone?), our cat is named Angus (MacGuyver), and our gecko is named Callum (Keith Rennie). We have problems but most people don’t get the references so we don’t seem like we have problems.