TV Ratings: Monday March 9, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 21.28 5.4/14
FOX House 12.13 4.8/13
CBS The Big Bang Theory 9.46 3.6/10
NBC Chuck 5.69 2.0/5
CW Gossip Girl (R) 1.15 0.5/1
8:30PM CBS How I Met Your Mother 8.51 3.5/9
9PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 23.72 6.6/16
CBS Two and a Half Men 13.28 4.7/11
FOX 24 11.35 3.6/9
NBC Heroes 6.63 3.2/8
CW One Tree Hill (R) 1.16 0.5/1
9:30PM CBS Rules of Engagement 10.04 3.7/9
10PM ABC CSI: Miami 14.12 4.3/11
ABC Castle 11.60 3.3/9
NBC Medium 7.05 2.5/7

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  • luke

    Heroes is doing terrible. Iā€™m really confused as to why they picked it up for a fourth season. They really should move it to a different time slot.

  • Ace

    luke — I’ve been saying the same thing about Chuck for weeks now. How exactly is it supposed to fair well against House, CBS’s comedies, and the horrible but beloved Dancing with the “Stars”. Throw a new Gossip Girl in there and I’m pretty sure it is the busiest timeslot of the week.

  • Josh Emerson

    I really hate Dancing With the F*cking Stars. How I Met Your Mother lost 2.5 million viewers in a single week and Chuck lost 1 million! I don’t think it’s any coincidence that DWTS happened to debut the same week. HIMYM even dropped from a 4.2 to a 3.5 in the demo.

    I’m worried for Chuck. The show can’t afford to drop any lower in the ratings. It’s already gonna be tough next season with NBC giving away 5 primetime hours to Leno.

  • Hil

    I have no idea why they run Chuck and The Big Bang Theory at the same time. Isn’t that splitting the nerd contingent? I might watch TBBT, but I am completely loyal to Chuck. If they were on different slots I’d likely watch both.

  • Those numbers surely have NBC execs pooping themselves. I swear NBC is a pale comparison of its former self. At one time it was an unbeatable, top quality network. What happened?

    If the whole network is doing badly enough, maybe Chuck will survive out of pure necessity. I think it’s a shame it doesn’t get better numbers. It’s one of the better shows on TV and was my favorite new show during its first season.

    My only two complaints about Chuck is the one-step-forward-two-steps-back nature of Chuck and Sarah’s “relationship” which needs to pick a direction & stick to it and the increased focus on the inconsequential antics of the Buy More workers. I know the Buy More crowd is supposed to be there for flavor & comic relief, but a little of them goes a long way.

    I heard somewhere, I believe on the Slice of Sci-Fi podcast, that a major event is coming up in the season finale. Allegedly, it’s an event that has been planned since the inception of the series and is so major that the episode could serve as a series finale if it were cancelled or a game-changing twist if the show survives.

    My guess is it has something to with Chuck & Sarah’s relationship and/or the reveal of one or both of Chuck and Ellie’s long lost parents. And, if it’s parent(s), I’m betting one or both are spies themselves–maybe even the creator(s) of the Intersect. That part’s just my own speculation, so don’t consider it a spoiler or even a rumor. But, if I end up being right, I score!!! šŸ™‚

  • Ace

    Todd — I can confirm at least part of what you are saying. The creator of Chuck has said that the season finale was in no way written to be a series finale, but will be a “complete game changer”. I’m wondering if maybe Chuck somehow gets the intersect out of his head, or, like you said, finds out that his Dad created the intersect. We already know that his dad is to appear later this season (the awesome Scott Bacukla from Quantum Leap :)), so it is very possible. And I actually really love the Buy More crew and think they keep the show from being too much like a serial. Instead of there just being one mission, complete mission, repeat…we have the mission and almost like a side sitcom in a bigbox store.

  • Ditto the worrying for Chuck. With one less hour of programming for scripted shows next season, and its continual dismal ratings performance (2 rating? Ouch.), its probably got guns pointed right at it over at the Peacock.

    Perhaps they can find a cost-sharing deal a la Friday Night Lights? I think it would fit well with sister net USA’s lineup. Though it already has Burn Notice.

  • I agree with you Aleks about moving it to USA as a backup plan. NBC Univ. also has Sci-Fi & Bravo. I don’t know why they don’t utilize their other networks more often. For instance, why was Journeyman ever on NBC in the first place. That should have been on Sci-Fi, and instead of cancelling it altogether, they could have tried moving it to Sci-Fi.

    ABC has ABC Family, Fox has FX, and CBS has CW and all the MTV/Viacom cable channels. I think networks should use their sister networks more often as proving grounds for shows that aren’t quite making it on broadcast networks but are good enough in quality to deserve a 2nd chance.