Summer Glau’s Big Bang a Big Bust?

summer glau big bang theory

Was Summer Glau’s guest appearance on THE BIG BANG THEORY a big bust? Or was I the only TV Addict who was expecting (and excited) to see a completely different side of the actress who has made a career out of playing emotion-free automatons. I mean looking back on it, what was the point? (Aside from the obvious reminder to the 11 million fans of the hit CBS laugher that TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES is still on the air.) Glau finally gets a shot to be funny and the opportunity to demonstrate that she can do comedy, only to quite literally remain seated the entire episode and play a straight (wo)man to Wolowitz and a very funny M. Knight Charmalarmalon. Talk about not getting the bang for your guest starring buck.

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  • EKI

    The whole episode, except for a couple of lines from Kuthrapali, was the most boring one of the series so far.

    It was 22 minutes were nothing happened, and if nothing happens… well… nothing funny happens neither.

  • Gabi

    Agree. Expected more from Summer, thought we were gonna get to see a funnier side of her, but it’s like her character Cameron isn’t too different from her own personality.

  • paketep

    If you want to see emotion and a totally different range from Summer, check her arc on The Unit, which BTW is an excellent series that never gets the love it deserves.

  • TVFan

    Agreed TVA! Clearly Summer isn’t really ‘acting’ on Terminator: TSCC

  • Elliot

    I agree. I wish she would have done more too. But I wonder if that’s as much her fault as what the writers gave her…. they seemed to be lacking things to say the whole episode so I can’t put the blame on Summer.

  • Actually I thought the best parts were the Sheldon/Penny teasing. They were the only interesting parts in the ep.

  • Aileen

    I saw the BBT episode and just found out about and watched The River Tam series. In both, when she is playing “normal” she holds herself very, very still. No tapping fingers, no tucking hair behind her ear. Just sitting very straight and some facial expressions. That’s why she looked so stiff and unnatural to me. It works out great on Sarah Connor and is perfect for a Terminator. Works out poorly in non-robots.

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  • Snarky

    I agree with Film2TV – I’m not a huge Summer Glau fan anyway, so I was expecting to be disappointed. But, as usual, Sheldon and Penny saved the episode. Are the writers planning something with these two? They’ve had a distinctly more couple-y vibe in the last few episodes. (And they’re certainly more interesting than the snooze-fest that is Leonard & Penny.)

  • Chris

    Jeez, you people have no sense of humor.

  • Tony

    What are you pelple babbling about. Summer was great and if you think her performance lacked something it was because of the writers. One of the best actresses of her generation.

  • Goncho

    Sorry, I thought I read someone accuse Summer Glau of having never displayed emotional range in her acting or a knack for comedy? If I didn’t know any better I’d think River Tam never existed. Fortunately I do know better and you’re wrong.
    For shame.

  • filth

    @ Goncho

    Agreed. I think these people have only seen TSCC (if even that) and are jumping to conclusions. River Tam from Firefly – a truly wonderful series – showed equal measures of fear, happiness, love, hate, affection, humour: in short, they showed off the range and ability of Glau as an actress. She has a beautiful laugh, by the way.

    I was, however, quite disappointed by this episode and by how small and pointless Glau’s part in it was. I have to say that I continue to watch TBBT for the lame jokes, but it’s certainly not the best series in the world, and its horrible geek stereotypes are definitely about as far from reality as possible. Pretty much the only thing that’s missing from the four is buck teeth, acne, and thicker glasses for Leonard.