The TV Addict Lunch Break: Ricky Gervais, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Jason Dohring & More!

Laugh: At Ricky Gervais and his new comedy-partner-in-crime Elmo in these hilarious out-takes from his recent visit to Sesame Street. Stephen Merchant, be afraid… be very afraid. [Watch]

Applaud: NBC, for recognizing the greatness that is FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS by starting negotiations with DirecTV for not just one, but two-seasons of the best show that you — yes YOU — aren’t watching. [Source: EW]

Discuss: Whether or not the Parent’s Television Council finally has the right to be incensed with FAMILY GUY following Sunday’s hilarious, albeit somewhat borderline inappropriate episode that included Stewie eating a bowl of cereal with horse sperm instead of milk and a horse licking Peter’s bare behind. [Source: B&C]

Learn: That if you’re anything like this TV Addict, the CW’s BODY POLITIC just became the fall’s most anticipated new series thanks to today’s announcement that FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ Minka Kelly and VERONICA MARS’ Jason Dohring will be two of the bodies politic-ing it up in this Washington D.C. based show. [Source: THR]

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  • Josh Emerson

    I have a feeling it’s DirecTV that started the negotiations. NBC probably couldn’t care less about FNL.

    I thought this week’s Family Guy sucked. I just found the whole “gay drug” storyline stupid.

  • Josh C.

    Well I am thrilled about FNL possibly getting two more seasons and who cares who started the negotiations. The important thing is that someone did. And as a Josh who apparently has a sense of humor last nights family guy was hilarious. This coming from a gay man. Stop taking yourself so seriously “other” Josh.

  • Finally, the battle we’ve all been waiting for (next to Cramer vs. Stewart)

    Josh C. vs. Josh E!!!

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  • Amy

    This excited me for a couple reasons

    1. I do watch FNL and I love it. So happy.

    2. Minka Kelly is amazing and Jason Dohring is beautiful. Love love love! Definatly gotta watch that show.