With the notable exception of last night’s hilarious one-two THE OFFICE/30 ROCK combo, an overhyped ER that reminded me why I stopped watching the show years ago and the absolutely must-see-it-to-believe-it smack-down that Jon Stewart gave Jim Cramer (How sad is it that the fake news does such a better job or covering the actual news than the real news? Click here for the video), this TV Addict is embarrassed to report that I’ve once again sullied my self-proclaimed title of ultimate TV Addict by missing out on all of our favorite Thursday night shows. Which is why, I’m once again passing the buck to you all — my far smarter and better looking readers — to post away with your thoughts on last night’s installments of UGLY BETTY, THE OFFICE, 30 ROCK, SUPERNATURAL, GREY’S ANATOMY & PRIVATE PRACTICE.

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  • grumpyoldman

    On GA, I see Izzie getting a head transplant, and returning next season played by a different actress. McSteamy and Little Grey still feels like pedophilia. And no one cares about Derek and Meredith moping around. I only watch this show because of the potential of seeing Calli-zona action!!

  • cam3150

    Was Smallville new last night? Where I live (the South) there was only college basketball on the CW. I’m confused.

  • Ace

    I’ve been knocking Ugly Betty for a couple of weeks now, but last night’s episode was actually pretty good. Betty didn’t do anything unforgiveably stupid and the outfit she wore for the party was actually cute (although that may have been Justin’s doing). So I’m hopeful that she may actually be maturing or something. My one complaint: NOT enough Amanda. Let’s get on that, people.

    The only other thing I watched was the Office and it was just kind of meh. It had funny moments, but overall was pretty predictible. I think my favorite scenes were Andy, Jim and Pam trying to give Kevin relationship advice and them him ignoring them.

  • Linda B.

    I was disappointed there wasn’t more Owen and Christina scenes on GA. And, the so called injury Christina received at the hands of Owen turned out to be nothing really.

  • Linda B.

    Oh, and cam3150, where i live Smallville and Supernatural were preemped by hockey. My Tivo says they’ll be shown on Saturday night. That may be the same for you. Check it out 🙂

  • Linda B.

    Forgot the “T” in preempted!

  • In the past, I used to rearrange my work night around watching new episodes of Grey’s. This season, I am so disappointed in the show.
    I could care less about Mer/Der, and the whole Izzie sleeping with a dead guy was just a little too much. I have removed GA from the DVR.
    I could care less what happens to any of the characters. Why is Shonda running this show into the ground?

  • Spoiler Warning for ER….
    Overall, I liked last night’s episode of ER, probably only the 2nd or 3rd one I’ve seen in 8 to ten years. But, it did have one minor flaw which robbed it of a little credibility…

    When Doug Ross was rattling off names of old County General people to Neela, he of course forgot to ask about Carter. He even remembered Anspaugh — but not Carter??? If he had remembered to ask about Carter, Neela might have said that in fact the kidney was for him, and the episode would have taken an entirely different direction for Doug & Carol and would have spoiled the ultimate irony that they helped save Carter without he or them even knowing it.

    Considering that Benton caught the mistake of Carter’s transplant surgeon but probably wouldn’t say anything about it later, all three classic ER characters helped Carter without him realizing it. It was an interesting way to have a “reunion” of four characters without all four of them even being in the same state.

  • kevin

    I really liked last night’s ER, but it also drove me crazy that neither Doug nor Sam and Neela mentioned Carter at all. Also, I was kinda hoping they’d all end up back at County somehow, but I think it worked out better that they didn’t.

  • Kellie

    I may even dare to say I loved last night’s episode of ER. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel as though things were bring shoved down our throats. Instead, there were just some subtle mentions: Reese is 13 (!), Peter and Cleo are still together, and just a quick acknowledgment of Doug and Carol’s twins. Plus, I thought that Doug and Carol randomly stopping in a County to just see what’s new would have been pretty far-fetched, so I loved this conclusion.

    Like a few others above me, I was a little annoyed with Doug, Neela and Sam not mentioning Carter. But, in regards to tan earlier post, I don’t think Neela knew the kidney was for Carter, and I think it work out that they only thought it was “some doctor” in Chicago.

    My only complaint….I wanted to see some of the flight with the Jamaican band! 🙂

  • Babygirrr

    Okay I don’t watch any of those other shows but I watch Supernatural religiously and am so bored with it! I am so over is Sam gonna go evil or not? I honestly could care less and I hate the awkwardness between the brothers. I want to go back to season 1 and go back to when I was so excited for new episodes! I have been dvring it lately which I would have never done before! Kripke needs to wrap this story up and make my favorite brothers right again! One small note I did love their tribute to Kim Mannners at the end, very touching.

  • Veronika

    Heathen! The series is evolving. Don’t YOU want to become Ladygirrr someday in the future?
    Now, about Supernatural. The episode had lots of interesting twists: Dean is not ok with how the things stand between him and Sam, while Sam is more than glad to forget about what happened with the siren and lie his a$$ off about his powers. Dude, if everyone knows, why lie?
    I really liked how they showed the difference between the world of living and dead – how everything seems so much colder. Nice touch.
    Then we saw a few old faces: Tessa the Reaper, Alastair (who was struck by the lightning) and Castiel (who can sound like Bobby).
    Sadly, they killed Pamela the Physic. But nothing stays dead in SPN for long. Oh, and the boys were ghosts for awhile and had to learn ghost-fu moves. That was funny.
    All in all, the episode was quite good after the long waiting and the next one should be AWESOME! Blood drinking and Demon torturing! YaY!

  • Babygirrr

    I do hope to be a ladygirrr someday 🙂 I’m all for evolving when it is going in an interesting direction! I just don’t buy that for four seasons Sam couldn’t do anything real special and now all of a sudden boom he’s a superfreak! Just seems a little off must be just me but this last episode just didn’t feel like the show I loved that’s really what I meant! Still think it’s better than anything else on tv just not lovin this season very much!