TV Ratings: March 13, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS Ghost Whisperer 11.11 2.6/9
ABC Wife Swap 4.50 1.4/5
NBC Howie Do It 4.3 1.3/5
FOX Terminator: TSCC 3.5 1.2/4
CW Everbody Hates Chris 1.8 0.7/2
8:30PM CW The Game 2.07 0.8/3
9PM CBS Flashpoint 9.44 1.9/6
ABC Supernanny 5.63 1.7/5
NBC Friday Night Lights 4.4 1.5/5
FOX Dollhouse 4.3 1.6/5
CW America’s Next Top Model (R) 1.86 0.7/2
10PM CBS Numb3rs 10.01 2.0/6
ABC 20/20 5.18 1.6/5
NBC Dateline 4.68 1.5/5

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  • Irish Joe

    WOW! Nice increase for Dollhouse… 4.42 is their best numbers since the polit, and it’s almost a million more than last week…. Maybe this thing is gonna show legs and, somehow, survive for a 2nd season!?

    Sarah Connor also has it’s best ratings since the second part of the series started in 2009…

    Why did both shows have almost 1 million extra viewers this week, did Fox do extra promo or something??

  • I don’t think Sarah Conner has a chance, but if the numbers keep increasing I would love to see Fox run it and Fringe together in a block next year before their karaoke TV show comes back.

  • Theo

    They need to drop Sarah and move dollhouse to another nite!

  • Adam R

    No they DON’T need to “drop” Sarah Connor Chronicles. It’s a HELL of a lot better than Dollhouse so far…

  • bws

    I like Sarah Connor MUCH better than Dollhouse. And I do not understand how more people are watching HOWIE DO IT than Sarah Connor. I have lost faith in this country. It’s got solid action with familiar, yet new mythology.

    I think Dollhouse is a little bit of a mess right now. I’ll keep watching but I am really let down.

  • that is a big boost for SCC! YAY! It’s such an awesome show – I hope Fox holds on to it.

  • the_0ne

    I’m so glad that Flashpoint is doing as good as it is. I’ve really gotten attached to that show and the main characters.

    As to your TV Ratings postings every day. Awesome. You are one of the only TV blogs that does that. Most others will just talk about shows that are doing really good or bad. You give us the graph and let us make our own decisions.


  • ann

    SCC has horrible ratings–the increase is not nearly enough to make te numbers even close to decent. It’s as good as dead. I also don’t see Dollhouse making it, though it has a better chance. Just possibly it can grow in audience enough to squeak by. Still has a bunch of episodes left to try. Stick a fork in SCC, though. It’s done.

  • Leon Stefl

    Friday Night Lights beat Dollhouse again it is no surprise to me why FNL is getting a 4th and 5th season and Dollhouse is already on the chopping block for not even being able to beat FNL in Ratings Clear Eyes Full Hearts Cant Lose…

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