Tonight’s TV Addictions: March 15, 2009

KINGS (8PM NBC, CityTV in Canada)
Remember, our 5 reasons KINGS could help rebuild NBC’s empire only applies if you tune in to tonight’s 2-hour premiere.

THE SIMPSONS (8PM FOX, GlobalTV in Canada)
After twenty seasons have THE SIMPSONS finally run out of ideas? Tune into tonight’s episode spoofing The Da Vinci Code, National Treasure and Ratatouille and decide for yourself.

Desperate housewives take a back seat to desperate writers with tonight’s shameless sweeps stunt episode involving a teacher (Swoosie Kurtz) getting the wrong idea when Susan tried to impress her.

BROTHERS & SISTERS (10PM ABC, GlobalTV in Canada)
Forgetting that they have access to copious amounts of alcohol, Kevin and Justin decide to take Tommy on a much needed vacation to clear his head about his monumental legal problems. Again, isn’t that what alcohol is for? We’re just sayin’

As if we’re not going to tune into the Endowment Ceremony that has the Mormon’s up in arms!.

In what gets our award for the most likely movie title to be misconstrued for a very different kind of movie, ABC Family presents the third installment based on the hit 1999 movie that we never heard of until this morning.

KING OF THE HILL (8:30PM FOX, GlobalTV in Canada)
Special guest voice Kate Walsh drops by to teach Peggy how to be cool. Suggestion #1: Change your name from Peggy, arguably the most dated name since Bertha.

See the failed formulaic Disney movie that had Kim Cattrall jumping back on board the SEX AND THE CITY bandwagon faster than you can say Jimmy Choo.

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  • bws

    So unbelievably excited for Big Love tonight. GREAT season 3.

    I will record “Kings” in the other room tonight because you say so. It’s not like I need any more TV but I haven’t been able to figure this show out yet from the previews. I guess I just need to watch it.

  • Jonah

    The first half-hour of KINGS has been incredible…

  • Jillian

    Kings has been amazing so far!

  • Ace

    I watched the first hour and a half of Kings (I was just too tired to make it through that last half hour) and really liked it. I was skeptical b/c the premise seemed so out there, but it was really well done. And Chris Egan is easy on the eyes ;-). Does anyone else think he looks like a young Matt Damon?

  • Nick

    Chris Egan looks a LOT like Heath Ledger.

    I think KINGS is incredible. Best new show since Lost, in my book. Hope NBC realizes the gem they’ve got here and doesn’t ruin it like they did with Heroes.

    Egan and Sebastian Stan….what’s not to like, there?

  • Hil

    If Matt Damon and Heath Ledger had a love child it would be Egan.

    So yeah, I really like KINGS. 🙂

  • Nick

    Just saw the Sunday ratings, and NBC placed 3rd. There are still viewers watching idiots jump thru a Hole in the Wall. Is it any wonder that we have millions of unemployable people? Completely mindless.

    NBC needs to re-air the 2-hour pilot later this week; I’m surprised they didn’t program it for Saturday. It’s very tough to get a toehold on ABC’s Sunday lineup; too established.

  • Ace

    Oooo I completely agree about the Damon/Ledger love child comment. I didn’t even think of Heath last night, but now I definitely see it.

  • grumpyoldman

    Sorry, but Swoosie Kurtz going full-on lesbian is the best thing I’ve seen in years. yum.