Ask the Addict: GOSSIP GIRL, 90210, KINGS & More!

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Got any GOSSIP GIRL scoop? I seriously cannot wait until tonight’s brand new episode. — GossipGal83
The TV Addict:
Without giving too much away (because my friends at the CW really hate when I do that!) Tonight’s installment of GOSSIP GIRL is jam-packed with some seriously OMG-worthy moments. Relationships will be tested (particularly those of the ‘N’ and ‘V’ variety), surprising alliances will be formed (Leighton Meester’s real-life boyfriend Sebastian Stan returns as Carter Brazier, pictured above), and a vengeful Blair will hit the warpath in an effort to discover the identity of the person responsible for crushing her dreams. In other-words, set against the backdrop of the senior class play, leave it to the students of Constance Billard to ensure that most of the must-see-drama takes place off-stage rather than on.

I loved KINGS last night, especially my new fictional TV boyfriend David Shepherd (Chris Egan). Please tell me he is going to be okay? — DavidisthenewDamon
The TV Addict:
As much as I’d love to tell you that young David Shepherd is going to be a.okay, he’s about to find himself on the wrong end of a sniper rifle’s sight. Turns out that unless you’re Captain Sully Sullenberger, being catapulted from obscurity to national hero within the span of two hours isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Who knew?

Two questions for your TV Addict. (1) When does 90210 come back? And (2) should I bother returning to the zip code that I once loved? — BeachBum
The TV Addict:
First off, clearly someone has yet to download’s March 2009 TV Calendar that I spent countless hours meticulously crafting. For if you had, you would have already have know that 90210 returns on March 31st at a new time (9PM). And two, shockingly enough, 90210 is in fact worth watching when it returns thanks to the show’s break-out star Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup) doing something so surprising, so hilarious and let’s just say so border-line creepy that for once, come Wednesday morning, everybody will be talking about 90210 for all the right reasons.

TV Addict, you’ve been surprisingly mum on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA as of late, what’s the Frakkin’ deal? — CylonLover32
The TV Addict:
My frakkin’ deal is that I’ve been so utterly disappointed with these last string of character driven (read: boring) episodes of this once thrilling and action-packed series that I’m this close to canceling the spectacular BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Frakkin’ Finale Party that myself and the Televixen have been planning for the better part of two years weeks! Of course, out of respect for the thousands, hundreds tens of people who have already been kind enough to RSVP to the party (on our facebook page) I would never do that. Plus, being the eternal optimist that I am, I’m naturally holding out hope that showrunner Ronald D. Moore took the time to re-watch his beautiful series ender for STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE in an effort to jog his memory as to how to properly end a celebrated series (read: please don’t kill everyone!)

dollhouse echo

Got any DOLLHOUSE scoop? — DownWithDollhouse
The TV Addict:
You know that mysterious video that Agent Paul Ballard is obsessed with? The one that shows a pre-Dollhouse Caroline (Echo) looking all normal and happy on campus. Well, on Friday’s episode, a deadly viral outbreak at that very College draws Echo back to the campus, where pieces of her past will be revealed.

  • Linda B.

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who hasn’t been enjoying these last episodes of BSG. There’s no action any more. What happened? It’s been a bit confusing and boring at times too. I’m looking forward to the finale moslty so i don’t have to watch the show anymore. I really miss what it used to be 🙁

  • Yay! Happy GG-Day! Thanks for the Dollhouse scoop! It’s getting better every week.

    And you’re right Silver is the only good thing about the new 90210. And it’ll be interesting to see Brenda, Kelly and Donna reunited.

  • I don’t have a problem with BSG having more character content rather than action lately.

    I am a little worried, however, that there may be far too many un-answered questions to get resolved in the final two hours, especially when much of it will probably be focused on the mission to retrieve Hera.

    I’m guessing that if they do, surprisingly, wrap everything into a neat little bow, that it will probably come via another massive info dump from Anders and/or Cavill who already have a history of delivering buckets of exposition.

    As for Dollhouse, I agree that it improves every week but only slightly. I think it had nowhere to go but up after the pilot episode, and I’m still not crazy about the overall premise of the show.

    Kings is actually kind of intriguing. I think I’m willing to watch a few more episodes to see how it goes.

  • TVFan

    Nice to hear things actually get interesting on 90210 because I’m telling you I was this close to dropping it.

  • Josh Emerson

    I like Kings! The two-hour premiere was really interesting.

  • Ace

    I think 90210 and I have already broken up. It was just getting too bad there and then the extremely long break…meh. I also wish it was Privileged on instead of 90210. I don’t know if there is anything else worth watching at that time on Tuesdays until Fringe comes back, but I guess that’s what DVR backlogs are for.

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  • bws

    With Feb sweeps moving to March my DVR backlog is getting out of control. Must… find…time…