Got a Question for SUPERNATURAL’s Misha Collins?

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Having already had the pleasure of interviewing SUPERNATURAL’s Misha Collins back in the fall, this TV Addict thought in only fair to turn over our second interview with everybody’s favorite Angel to you, our far more knowledgeable and better looking SUPERNATURAL fans. Simply post your questions in the comments below before Tuesday March 17 at noon and I’ll do my absolute best to get them answered.

[Update: March 17, 3PM] Bad news SUPERNATURAL fans, I’ve just been informed by my contact at the CW that our planned interview with Misha Collins will have to be postponed due to Collins busy shooting schedule. Of course the silver-lining is that my CW source did let it slip that that the reason Collins is so busy is that the SUPERNATURAL season finale is very Castiel-heavy and includes numerous stunts.

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  • Silly

    How is it like to be a hot Angel but still cant stand a chance on screen next to Jared and Jensen?

  • Tami

    Congratulations Misha for being regular next season. I love Castiel and you’re awesome but i’m a little worried about you appearing in 17 episodes next season.

    What would you say to fans like me who want to watch “Sam & Dean” and not “Sam and Dean and Castiel “?

  • Maria

    It was fantastic to hear that there will be a season five and you will be there. Melbourne is hosting and Armgeddon Expo in October, any chance you may be able to come along?.

  • NikkiHolly

    okay, tv addict, you didn’t put a limit on questions. so i picked a handful:

    Are you at all religious, and if so did this play any role in your decision to take the job on Supernatural?

    Do you, personally, want to see Sam go dark side?

    How does it feel to be on Supernatural and know that you’re not getting killed off for at least another year? (You are actually the only guest star that has known this far in advance that they’re lasting another season.)

    What are your feelings on Castiel’s trench coat?

  • Allie

    Yay! Another interview!

    First off, congrats on becoming a regular next season. I’m so glad they decided to keep you around!

    Where do you want Castiel’s story to go? When the series and/or Apocalypse ends, do you think Cas will stick around on Earth, or will he be forced to go back to Heaven?

    If Castiel ever had any free time from the war, do you think he would spend it playing a harp, or would he rather spend it toning up his flaming sword skills? If he even owns those items.

    And finally, will Castiel ever understand one of Dean’s jokes by the end of the season? I love the way you portray Cas as slowly understanding Dean’s odd human behavior.

  • Sarah

    When will Castiel finally give Dean a hug? Poor guy really seems to need one.

  • Mel

    Hi Misha!
    Congratulations on Season 5 of Supernatural! I’m excited to hear that Castiel will be on the show next year!
    In what ways do you think it will be different – being a regular character as opposed to guest star?

    Will your preparation be different as you continue with Castiel (as opposed to a new character)?

    What was the most difficult scene to film so far for Castiel?

    I’ve really enjoyed your performance as Castiel and I’m really glad you’ll be back!

  • laivine

    What do you think Castiel’s heaven looks like – is it a place you’d want to go?

  • ewanspotter


    What has been the best, and the worst, thing about your “Supernatural” gig? Also: Do you get accosted at the grocery store now?

  • T_T

    Hi Misha. Congrats on being a regular in S5!

    If Castiel get a chance to try one kind of food on Earth that he would really like , what would it be ?

  • Jen

    “How is it like to be a hot Angel but still cant stand a chance on screen next to Jared and Jensen?”

    Sorry, I think he’s just as hot as they are!

    And I don’t know why some fans think Castiel will undermine the Dean and Sam Show.

    My question is: will it ever be explained why Dean doesn’t seem to remember Castiel pulling him out of Hell?

  • Patty

    1) Do you have any other shows or movies you are appearing in sometime in the near future?

    2) If you could be on any show, which one would you like to be on? I hear there are some sets that are always fun and some that are drama hot-spots….

    3) What kind of tv and movies do you like to watch (if you even have time)?

    4) Since so much time has passed since the last time it was asked, have you fallen victim to any onset pranks yet? There has got to be something juicy you could tell us…

    btw, thanks mr. tvaddict for letting us ask some questions, this is pretty awesome 😀

  • Jasmine

    Have you ever laughed in a serious scene?

  • Shanae

    Congrats on being a series regular next season!!!

    As for my question: Do you know what rank Castiel has in Heaven? In the Apocrypha there are nine ranks. I know he’s higher than a Archangel because he can order Uriel around, I was thinking maybe a throne or dominion.

  • Val

    Well, Misha, you’re so wonderful that I think that not you are performing an angel, but Castiel is performing Misha Collins. )

    My question is: are you going to visit Russia one day? You cannot imagine how many fans you can make happy. =)

  • Lorgo


    Dear Misha, you confused me. I thoght that you starring as Castiel. But the more I watch Supernatural, the more I understand that it is Castiel is playing the role of Misha Collins. Am I right? ^^

  • Anny

    Dear Misha, have you ever read any fanfiction about Winchesters and Castiel? What can you say about it, huh? Did you like it? What about some challenge for your fans? )

  • Claudia

    There has been a lot of talk of Castiel’s strong connection to Dean Winchester but since you will be back as a series regular next season do you think Castiel and Sam will be developing a relationship as well?

  • Shannen

    Since the interview has been postponed, I hope maybe I can sneak a question in past the deadline!

    Misha: In reading through some of your interviews, you seem to have had a quite an array of life experiences and careers, all vastly different from one another. Given that, what’s the one thing you’d most like to do but haven’t yet gotten the chance to try?

  • Marco

    Hello Misha and congratulations on being added to the cast of Supernatural for its fifth season!

    That being said, what future do you see for your character after the season finale, especially if it is the battle Castiel’s been ‘grooming’ Dean for? Do you think that you will still be playing Castiel or maybe the person who’s his vessel?

    And, are you as limber as we’ve seen you on Nip/Tuck? ^_^

  • BP

    Hi! Congratulations on becoming a regular and on Season 5!

    My question is: We know that Dean can not perceive Castiel’s true visage nor hear his true voice – we will ever meet normal people who can? (Not fallen angels, just regular people)

  • FruityNut

    Hello! Misha Collins questions for the postponed interview.

    1. Who would win, if the SPN angels were in a knock down-drag out fight with the Victoria Secret angels?

    2. If Castiel’s clothes were somehow destroyed, what would you like to have him wear as his new outfit?

    3. Have you ruled out politics altogether? Or could you see yourself running for a high-ranking government position in the future.

    Peace Love and Cheese

  • Rory

    Here’s one for the rescheduled interview.

    Congratulations on signing for S5 – I look forward to watching where they take your character.

    My Canadian friends still talk about Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka with a lot of outrage and horror, and I knew people who were traumatized while the pair stalked their hometown. Did you feel any kind of emotional fallout from having to get into Bernardo’s head to play him in “Karla”?

  • Shiba

    Awesome to know we’ll see more of you in Season 5!!

    I was wondering…
    Castiel interacts with Dean a lot. Will we ever get to see Castiel have more confrontations with Sam?

  • Ali

    Hey Misha, congrats on getting to the fifth season.

    1) Will Castiel get more involved in the show? I mean, other than just whooshing in, giving orders, and whooshing out again.

    2) Did you freak out when you saw the cover of the fourth season DVD’s? (Congrats again on making the cover)

  • BB

    This may be more for the show runners, but I’m curious as to your [Misha’s] answer:

    You’ve expressed an interest in portraying a fallen Castiel, but as we saw with Anna, when she fell, she was “reborn” as a human (I’m a little fuzzy on how she got to keep that flesh when she went angel again… but that’s for another time). How then would you, Misha Collins, get to be Castiel still? Or, does a fallen angel possessing a “vessel” remain in that vessel indefinitely (thus rendering it necessary for you to keep playing him… which is ALWAYS necessary, by the way, as you make the character XD)? What happens to the original host?

    And totally off topic: How do you and Jensen not dazzle each other speechless with your long stares of “subtext”?

  • Congrats Misha it is great that you are still going to be in the show next season 🙂

    I have a couple of questions-

    If you ever find out that you are going to be killed of the serious (god forbid) What way do you think that Castiel should be killed in?

    If you could play any other person other then Castiel like a demon, who would it be? and why?

    If you weren’t a actor what other job do you think you would have considered doing?

  • Sarah-Susannah

    Hi Misha!

    Congrats on getting to the fifth season!

    I was wondering if there has been any scenes as Castiel which have been hard to shoot, and why?

    Also, which scenes have been your favourite to shoot and why?

  • Cherise

    Hello Misha!

    I’m thrilled you had such a wonderful time at the NJ Supernatural Convention! I was crushed I couldn’t go.

    Do you think you’ll be able to visit the East Coast again soon? Maybe in Boston? *poke poke* I’d love to meet you someday!

    Keep up the fantastic work and congrats on becoming a regular! You deserve it!

  • Raina Grayson

    Hi Misha, and congratulations on becoming a regular on the show.

    1. If you could pick your dream roll in any television show or movie what would it be and why?

    2. In several of your previous interviews you mentioned writing poetry and it made me wonder when not writing what do you enjoy reading?

  • Peter_88

    Hello Misha,

    What can you give away to us about Castiel’s host?

  • Brunax5

    Hi, Misha! Congrats on becoming a regular and on Season 5!

    Will Dean’s and Castiel’s…dynamic ivolve from the constantly pissed with each other stage? More park benches scenes are in order!!

  • Heather

    Do you think Castiel will get new wardrobe next season?

    Do you have any other projects coming up?

    Have you seen My Bloody Valentine 3D/Friday the 13th?

  • Stacey

    Hi from New Zealand,

    My question for Misha is this:

    Given the content of the show being supernatural based, when you were offered the part and found out that religion would be a major storyline in Season Four, were you worried at all about any hate mail that you might get?

  • Shiran

    I’m surprised you haven’t been asked this before….

    Do you actually believe in angels Misha, or are you more skeptic about the supernatural world?

  • kitsu84

    Hello, Misha. First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you for becoming a regular cast member for season five. Quite a few of us are rather excited about this!

    Now then, first question:

    A few fans have begun to refer to Dean and Castiel as “Salvation & Corruption”. What are your thoughts on this? Does it fit them?

    Second question:

    I’m sure you received quite a few gifts from the fans while you were attending your first convention in New Jersey. Were there any gifts, in particular, which were your favorites?

  • Anke

    (I hope you won’t mind me sneaking in a question a little bit late [hey, I’m from Europe, we’re always a bit behind with the time])

    First, congratulations for your place in the 5th season!

    Are we going to see Castiel in the Impala sometimes in the future?


    Do you have your own name for Castiel’s vessel? [I’m sure his name’ll be revealed sometimes in the future in an episode but I’m not asking for a spoiler, I’m just curious about your thoughts about him.]

  • The Order of Castiel #32

    In some scenes you do this little head tilt. Does it come naturally or did the writers write that in the script?

  • Larna

    Hey Misha. I was wondering, when you auditioned for the role of Castiel, did you have any idea the response would be so great? Also, you have now been to your first Supernatural convention, did you have fun? Or did you find it a little overwhelming?
    Thanks, see you in Aus 🙂

  • Anna

    Two-part question
    Have you been pranked yet?
    If not, will you prank them first? Please?

  • Amanda

    Hi Mish,

    How has your experience on supernatural helped you to grow as an actor? Did you ever imagine that your career could ever reach to lengths that it has?

    Thanks, and I love your portrayal of Castiel!

  • GHMobsterfan

    Misha what religion are you in real life?