HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Hilarity You May Have Missed

how i met your mother the front porch

One of our favorite things about HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER — well, aside from the awesomeness that is Barney Stinson — is that like LOST, the show rewards savvy viewers for paying attention. Which is why we thought we’d share with you some of the laugh-out-loud moments you might have missed whilst immersed in Ted’s emotional tête-à-tête with Lily upon discovering that she had in fact been sabotaging many of his relationships over the years after they failed to pass her very-own “porch test.”

how i met your mother the front porch

how i met your mother the front porch

how i met your mother the front porch

how i met your mother the front porch

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  • Pulpo

    No doubt about it… Awesome show, awesome Stinson, awesone sleepsuit…

    And what happened to Robin in the back was hilarious!

  • Jenny

    I caught all of those. DH & I just laughed out loud the entire time. It was a fantastic episode. I absolutely adore that show! Monday night (espeically the comedy lineup, yes, even 2.5 Men & RoE :P ) and Wednesday night (all of it :D ) on CBS are 2 of my favorite stretches of tv all week. Sure, hours here and there all week, but I can sit down and watch hours of tv that I love all in a row. Makes me giddy every time they are new. :D

  • Josh Emerson

    Did anyone actually miss that? That was by far the most hilarious part of the episode! I have no idea what went on between Ted and Lily because I was watching Robin. I assumed the point was for the audience to be paying attention to her. lol

  • theTVaddict


    I actually did miss catching Robin during the beginning because I was immersed in the Ted/Lily argument. Then eventually caught on and rewound my PVR to see what I missed.