TV Ratings: March 16, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 18.43 4.3/13
FOX House 12.80 4.8/14
CBS The Big Bang Theory 9.76 3.0/8
NBC Chuck (R) 3.93 1.3/3
CW Gossip Girl 2.24 1.3/3
8:30PM CBS How I Met Your Mother 9.22 3.8/10
9PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 22.08 5.7/14
CBS Two and a Half Men 14.02 4.8/12
FOX 24 11.34 3.7/9
NBC Heroes (R) 3.01 1.2/3
CW One Tree Hill 2.27 1.2/3
9:30PM FOX Rules of Engagement 11.41 4.0/10
10PM CBS CSI: Miami 13.35 3.8/10
ABC Castle 12.63 3.4/9
NBC Medium (R) 4.30 1.4/4

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  • Ace

    I’m still really mad at NBC for showing a repeat of Chuck during sweeps. grrrrr

  • Ace

    Ouch! I just noticed Gossip Girl’s numbers. Two things. (1) That’ll teach them to disappear for more than a month. (2) This gives me a wee bit of hope for Privileged and Reaper b/c even their ratings about match 2 mil.

  • Josh Emerson

    I wouldn’t count on it Ace. Ostroff and the CW like to pretend that Gossip Girl is a high-rated popular show, when in reality it’s not doing nearly as well as Smallville and Supernatural, the two CW “outcasts.”

  • Scott

    Go Castle! I can’t believe how funny it is! I’m sitting thinking, “how can this be another ‘Fillion Flop’, if i’m having so much fun?” To see that it only missed the #1 spot by 0.72. Now I just wish that Terminator, Dollhouse, and Kings would do better.

  • Kelli Jo

    I’ve had alot of people tell me that I should try Castle. I think I’ll finally give it a try. CSI Miami and their Eric/Calleigh teenage romance storyline is getting really hard to watch. It’s nice to hear there is finally a good alternative on Monday nights.

  • Richard

    Castle is an awesome show. I just hope it sticks around, it seems that all the shows I really enjoy always get the boot. So watch it for me would ya…..