An Open Letter to Ronald D. Moore (Re: The BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Series Finale)

Before BATTLESTAR GALACTICA reaches what will hopefully be a thrilling conclusion this Friday, the TV Addict wanted to take this opportunity to leave you with five choice words: Please don’t Frak this up.

Because the truth is, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t worried.

Not only have these final string of episodes been a massive letdown in the edge-of-your-seat-excitement department, what you yourself had to say about the importance of ‘plot’ in a recent interview with BSG uber-critic Maureen Ryan does little to assuage our fears.

It came together all at once and it was a strange experience. In the writers’ room, we spent the first day [of breaking that episode] in a lot of difficulty, a lot of frustration. We sort of knew what the plot was, we knew the action story, we knew the plot of the finale. We spent that whole first day just struggling with the mechanics of the plot, how you got from A to B. We were spinning our wheels. I went home and I was in the shower and I had this “Duh” moment – the show was never about that. That’s not why I love the show. It’s not about the plot.

Now, far be it from us to tell a Peabody Award winner such as yourself what your show is about. But since you asked, a fairly substantial part of the BSG experience is that pesky little thing you so callously likes to refer to as ‘the plot.’ You know, the very device that had us hooked on the show from day one, regardless of how much death, destruction and depression yourself and your writing staff tried to throw at us.

In fact, disappointment (New Caprica) after disappointment (Earth) we’ve stuck with it. All in the hope that this rag-tag fleet that we’ve come to know and love might actually find a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Sure it has been fun tackling thorny issues such as human rights, religion and the very essence of humanity. After-all, and to your credit, this morality play in space was so much more than just your ordinary run-of-the-mill television show. But as the saying goes, the adventure is over. And after five seasons of having your say — challenging us to think different and raising questions about genocide, terrorism and war that we never once for a second considered — is it not time we, the fans, got our happily ever after?

In other words, please don’t kill everybody.

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  • jess

    maybe i’m alone but i liked last weeks episode. I loved how moving the final scenes with Rosalyn showing up to cross the line where and How the were on there way to save Hera. And i don’t think everyone will die but i don’t think we’ll get a happily ever after either.

  • I know it’s cliché, but it would be nice to have the crew find a home on Friday. Even though I fully expect a good 50% of the crew not to make it.

  • luke

    Does anyone remember the show Roswell?
    That was my favorite show in high school. Ronald D. Moore was the executive producer and he co-wrote the finale episode. Roswell’s 3rd season was cut short, so the last episode had no build up to it, but it still managed to be one of my favorite series finales of all time.
    I too have been a little disappointed with these last few episodes, but I know he can deliver a great finale.

  • M

    I have loved all the episodes of season 4, culminating in last week’s fantastic show. I have slight trepidation about what Friday will bring, as I’m concerned that my questions won’t be answered. I’m also very excited yet depressed at the same time, mainly b/c it’s the last ever episode, to the point I’m seriously considering not watching it until Sunday so my weekend is not a complete washout.

  • Lena

    Im dissapointed…cuz I’ve been sticking by Kara/Lee since start of the FRAKIN SERIES…they better get a good sendoff…..TOGETHER (even though I guarantee 99.9999999% they gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jsn

    SPOILER FOR THE FINALE: I don’t know whether you’ve seen this or not but Katee Sackhoff spilled the beans about the upcoming finale during a recent Q&A in Portland.I found a recap of the Q&A. Here’s the link (and please do comment on it) SPOILERS***************************************************************************************

  • luke

    The finale’s on Friday. I can wait till then.

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  • Yuck

    Ugh, what a waste this has been these last few years. BSG jumped the shark with the Carpica 2 stuff, but like a train wreck I could not stop watching. Now its over, and my only thought is, I wish I could sue Ron Moore to get my wasted time back or somehow have he memories of this series removed from my brain. Ugh, the show did not even follow its own rules for the universe and spent the last 2 or 3 seasons wondering around much like the fleet, no direction, no purpose. What plan? Where was a plan, why the war, what a bunch of meaningless drivel. I’m done with this BSG universe and all its followups, and likely any thing Ronald D. Moore does in the future, you promised us the stars, and gave us empty space.