Separated at Birth? You Be the Judge!

KINGS’ Chris Egan and Matt Damon

AMERICAN IDOL’s Scott MacIntyre and DEXTER’s Michael C. Hall.

MY GIRL’s Anna Chlumsy and BOY MEETS WORLD’s Danielle Fishel (Topanga!)

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  • Josh Emerson

    The Chris Egan/Matt Damon one I can definitely see. The other two, not so much.

  • Ace

    The first thing I said to my husband when Chris Egan came on the screen was “wow, that guy looks a lot like a young Matt Damon.” I also agree with the person that said he looks like a cross between Damon and Heath Ledger.

    I can’t agree with the Idol guy and MCH though. Maybe distant cousin or something. MCH is pretty hard to live up to though.

    And I think the more important question for the third set is “what happened to Topanga anyway?”

  • You guys don’t see the Scott MacIntyre/Michael C. Hall similarities? Really? How about this pic…

  • Gabi

    I thought Chris Egan looked like Heath Ledger the first time I saw him.

  • Ace

    Ok TVA, you put up the picture of MCH with blood on his face to change our minds?? What do you think of this Idol guy! 😛 But no, my stance stays.

  • I think in my humble and unbiased opinion the only person Matt Damon looks like he was seperated at birth with is this guy:

    Just sayin’.

  • Chelle

    Chris on American Idol looks like Heath Ledger. He is so sexy!!!

  • jensee

    I wouldn't insult Chris Egan like that! Nowadays he looks more like Heath Ledger than ruddy old Matt Damon