Tonight’s TV Addictions: March 18, 2009

The funniest comedy you’re not watching — because ABC decided to hold off on new episodes for the better part of two months only to bring it back with little-to-no-fan-fare on a completely different day and time — returns tonight. But hey, we’re not bitter. Really.

Maybe now that television’s funniest two mean mommies have finally gone into labor, someone at CBS can get their act together and develop a Marly and Lindsay spin-off.

BETTER OF TED has the advantage of debuting as just the right time: when viewer’s wouldn’t mind reveling in corporate comeuppance. It’s big business satire anchored by more-moral-than-his-employers straight arrow Ted (Jay Harrington, channeling Jon Hamm, except with boyish charm), head of research and development for Veridian Dynamics, a company responsible for weaponizing pumpkins and freezing its employees on a whim. Stocked with a top-notch cast (particularly Arrested Development’s Portia De Rossi as Ted’s icy, tight-laced boss), it bares the same potential of so many failed ABC comedies: it’s funny enough, but inconsistent — it needs time it probably won’t get to find its footing. — Aleks Chan

LOST (9PM ABC, “A” in Canada)
Kate returns to the island just in time to ruin Sawyer and Juliet’s happily ever after… awwwwwkward.

Call us a stickler for details, but we’re fairly certain that the official episode description should say, “Ellen discovers a another dark secret about Patty’s personal life.”

One of New England’s deadliest serial killers may be murdering again after a 10-year hiatus. Lucky for us, we don’t live in New England.

CSI: NY (9PM CBS, CTV in Canada)
Talk about bad timing. Ashlee Simpson takes a detour on her way to the CW’s MELROSE PLACE re-boot only to get mixed up in a seedy motel killing.

MAN V. FOOD (10PM Food Network)
The host attempts to set a record at Raleigh’s Roast Grill by devouring 17 hot dogs in one hour. Been there, done that. Okay not really. But 17 hot dogs in an hour is now totally going on our “bucket list.”

  • Ace

    I’m sad that ABC ended up treating Scrubs just as badly as NBC treated them. I guess we all knew it was going to be the last season though. I really hope the last episode isn’t a let down. And I have lukewarm hopes for Better off Ted. I really like Portia, but the commercials look a little cheesy.

  • Anne

    If Sawyer goes back to Kate, I swear…something in my house is going to get broken. The world will be a better place if he just sticks with Juliet.

  • Jonah

    Scrubs wasn’t funny at all. I actually fell asleep during Better Off Ted.
    That’s a rough hour to sit thru to get to LOST. Dear ABC: Please put the Lost recap episodes back on at 8pm.

  • grumpyoldman

    What the heck happened with Scrubs? It looked like every single actor was filmed separately and then pasted together. No chemistry…no funny. I am sad.

  • grumpyoldman,

    It was slightly jarring. Especially how Eliot just randomly showed up near the episodes end. That said, J.D. not knowing what this “SportsCenter” show was? priceless.

  • Josh C.

    Unless some serious change occured I think Old Christine is on CBS right?