TV Ratings: March 17, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX American Idol 19.06 6.9/21
CBS NCIS 15.51 3.1/9
ABC Dancing with the Stars (Recap) 8.12 1.7/5
NBC The Biggest Loser 6.85 2.6/8
CW Reaper 1.88 0.9/3
9PM FOX American Idol 22.64 8.5/22
CBS The Mentalist 15.39 3.2/8
ABC Dancing with the Stars 12.42 2.7/7
NBC The Biggest Loser 8.08 3.3/9
CW 90210 (R) 763,000 0.4/1
10PM CBS Without a Trace 11.99 2.6/7
NBC Law & Order: SVU 10.8 3.5/10
ABC What Would You Do? 7.80 2.3/6

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  • Ace

    Remember when House, Fringe and Privileged were on Tuesdays so there was actually stuff worth watching? Those were good times.

  • Ace,

    I was just thinking that last night as I fast-forwarded through a good 50% of IDOL. What happened to Tuesday night?

  • Silly

    What happened to TV in general?
    I mean come on .. all this reality crap, did people become too stupid to follow good Tv shows?
    Its making me sick to see great shows like Pushing Daisies go and really bad ratings for othr great shows but over 20 mio people tune into shit like “dancing with the stars”
    And give me a break … which season is american idol in, atm? like 20? when was the last time someone really made it into the musicbiz?

  • Ace

    Guys, I was so upset with the lack of good TV on last night that I actually *shudder* went and read a book. So maybe we just need to make a book club for Tuesday nights.

    And, Silly, I completely agree. I get the appeal of American Idol, but must it destroy all TV in its path?? I would much much rather watch a well written show than a “competition” where you will never see 99.9% of the people ever again. And I get really sad whenever Pushing Daisies is brought up. I think the only thing that could have been worse was a LOST cancellation, but luckily I think we’re safe on that one.

  • Sara

    What I don’t understand is why are all the shows competeing to be seen on Thursday night when there is a perfectly good Tuesday laying around doing nothing.

  • cam3150

    I wish some of the shows would move either to Tuesday or, an even slower TV night (besides Lost of course), Wednesday. My DVR can’t take Monday’s anymore, especially once Prison Break returns. And as sad as I am that Privileged is not on anynore (until fall, hopefully), I was glad that I didn’t have to try and record that, Mentalist and AI all at once anymore, which is not eve possible w/ my setup. Now they’ve gone and moved 90210 to the 8PM CST timeslot. Why, oh why???

    On another note, TV Addict, thanks for posting the ratings!! Of all the entertainment sites I visit (and there are a lot) you are the only one that does it and I, for one, really appreiciate it.

  • cam3150,

    Nightly ratings were easily the most requested addition to and the response has been great. So they’re definitely here to stay. Thanks for the feedback though. Always appreciated.