better off dead

After a ringing endorsement from one of the country’s preeminent television critics, praise from one of my daily-must-read television blogs, not to mention an effusive tweet or two, you may be surprised to discover that this TV Addict’s initial reaction to last night’s series premiere of BETTER OFF TED can be summed up in one sentence: I would have been better off watching GARY UNMARRIED. 

Don’t get me wrong, TED has potential, After-all, it comes from the mind of Victor Fresco, the man who brought us the brilliant-but-cancelled ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE. Unfortunately, the pilot lacked that one essential ingredient that not even the incredibly likable combo of stars Jay Harrington and Portia de Rossi could help overcome. That ingredient: The funny. 

Perhaps it’s as a result of the current economic crisis, where greedy and corrupt corporations simply aren’t nearly funny as they used to be. Or, that I spent the better portion of the show’s opening minutes debating in my mind how Ted’s employer Veridian Dynamics stacks up to that of FRINGE’s Massive Dynamics in the ‘evil’ department. But either way, I didn’t find the show nearly as funny as I thought I would. Did you?

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  • Ace

    Like you said, it has potential. So I’ll watch next week (mostly b/c there is nothing on against it) and see if it is worth putting in the rotation. But mostly it was just meh. There were a few times that I thought “oh that could be funny”, but did I actually laugh? No. And that chick who was on the horrible Joey kind of annoys me…

  • Ace,

    Well said, although I do very much enjoy Andrea Anders (aka. The new Paula Marshall, aka. show killer)

  • Ace

    TVA — I think she might be too perky for me. There is just something about her that rubs me the wrong way.

  • Ace

    Also, I get her confused with Monica Potter and I really dislike her character on Trust Me. She was one of the reasons I gave up on that show. That might also be part of it.

  • Josh Emerson

    Thank you! I’ve been reading other sites praising this show and I don’t see why. I thought the pilot was really disappointing. I won’t bother watching again.

  • TVFan

    Agreed! B.O.T. was not funny. Although I will still be tuning in as I hear it gets better.

  • Hil

    I know people who are typically not into sitcoms on any level who liked it. I forgot it was on half way through so I can’t really say how I felt about it. I’ll probably try to catch it next week. The pacing seemed wrong to me from what I did see. That is something that is often worked out as a show goes along though.

  • Naf

    No way! TheTVaddict actually watched some television?! After weeks of ‘you be the critic’, I thought you were expecting us to do all the work!

    I thought, for a comedy pilot, it was really good. Most shows I love right now, including The Office and 30 Rock, had weaker pilots and ended up up being brilliant. I thought the show really showed potential, despite not always bringing the funny. I’ll stick by it for atleast a season.

  • Jillian

    I don’t do sitcoms, so my opinion on the matter is rather out there as I’m no qualified judge between them. I liked this one… although, I’m inclined to like office humor, tech development humor and highly awkward individuals. It seemed creative to me. 😀

    “Maybe I’m funnier than you. Maybe I was just joking about not getting your joke.”