Your BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Series Finale Round Up

Red Alert: Set your PVR’s to… record an extra 11 minutes of the finale. It starts at 9PM and runs 2 hours and 11 minutes.

Shameless Plug: In our very own open letter to Ronald. D Moore we offer up our hopes for tonight’s series ender. In a nutshell: Please don’t kill everyone.

The Final 10: Alan Sepinwall includes many of our favorites in his favorite episodes of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

Is That Your Final Answer: HitFix rounds up the 10 Questions we want answered in tonight’s finale.

Frakkin’ Funny: The always hilarious A.V. Club has all the forgotten BSG factoids you may need to enjoy the finale, maybe.

Obligatory EW Plug: The TV Addict’s bible has a fantastic and surprisingly emotional recap of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA at the UN: A night of geekery, human rights and fantastic curtains (the defining moment of which can be seen )

Spoiler Alert: The UGO TV Blog already has their review up for tonight’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA finale. Must… not… click…

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  • Linda B.

    Thanks for the heads up. My DVR already says it will be 2 hrs and 11 minutes, but i padded it with an extra 2 minutes just in case.

  • EKI

    I’m gonna say that only 2 survive and that’s Lee and Starbuck, and they’ll find a planet similar to earth.