TV Ratings: March 20, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM CBS NCAA Basketball 7.93 2.7/10
ABC Wife Swap 4.85 1.6/6
NBC Howie Do It 3.89 1.0/4
FOX Terminator: TSCC 3.65 1.3/5
CW Everybody Hates Chris 1.59 0.6/2
8:30PM CW The Game 1.66 0.6/2
9PM CBS NCAA Basketball 9.15 3.2/10
ABC Supernanny 5.34 1.6/5
FOX Dollhouse 4.13 1.5/5
NBC Friday Night Lights 3.84 1.2/4
CW America’s Next Top Model (R) 1.42 0.6/2
10PM CBS NCAA Basketball 8.55 2.9/9
ABC 20/20 6.63 1.8/6
NBC Dateline 6.07 1.7/6

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  • Terminator’s getting better each week numbers-wise. Add DVR numbers, and yay!

  • Theo

    Yay Dollhouse beat FNL!

  • Josh Emerson

    Dollhouse and Terminator are doing awful. They’re finished.

  • Wife Swap was bland compared to previous episodes. The Game was surprising and I am glad to see that it’s on the radar because this show doesn’t appear to have much publicity.

    I would totally watch Supernanny, if Friday Night Lights was not on at 9, but hey, it’s an easy choice when comparing the two. The relationship with Coach and Julie may not be the same again, but I hope that they can work things out. I know that her boyfriend may not ever be on Coach’s good side again. Too bad for him. Maybe he should have waited to bang that guy’s daughter. The new kid on the team is such a punk when it comes to his dad and going by the previews for next week’s episode, he’s going to realize that his dad is nothing more than a big jerk.

    I’m glad that Landry stood up to Tyra and hope that it makes her realize that she only has a few really good friends so it’s not good to take advantage of them. Buddy Garrity is really in some deep s*** after using Lyla’s college money. If I were her, I would me mad at him too. However, I do agree with Buddy in the sense that their situation is not an excuse to shack up with Tim. It’s not like she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. She could stay with Tyra or just go back home and be angry and give her dad the silent treatment.

    I would say that Lyla could go back to the Taylor’s house and stay with them again, but now that they have this situation with Julie, it may not be the best time to deal with that and Lyla at the same time.