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As promised, Friday’s sixth episode of DOLLHOUSE didn’t disappoint. Please tell me it wasn’t an aberration. — DrunkonDushku
The TV Addict:
Rest assured, it wasn’t. With Whedon’s winning streak continuing this Friday when he reveals more of Echo’s backstory by sending her on a mission back to the very College campus that we’ve become accustomed to catching glimpses of in the mysterious ‘Caroline’ video. Fans will also learn how Sierra ended up in the Dollhouse, when she confronts the man responsible for putting her there (and trust me, it ain’t pretty.) Oh, and as for the big reveal that there are twenty or so Dollhouses strategically located around the world, Whedon joked on a recent conference call that it’s built-in franchising. In other-words, get ready for DOLLHOUSE: MIAMI!

What’s the word on tonight’s GOSSIP GIRL? — GossipGuy
The TV Addict:
Does “ZZZZZZzzzzzz” count as a word? Because unfortunately, that is my reaction to tonight’s snooze-inducing Nate-centric story-line. Seriously. If the Dollhouse ever needs another pretty-boy to walk around with a vapid and emotionless expression on his face, Chace Crawford is their man. So much so that not even an inebriated and highly entertaining secret-spilling Blair could save tonight’s train-wreck of an episode.

Loved Friday’s episode of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR chronicles, how about you? — LenaLikey
The TV Addict:
You mean the one where John Connor finally grew a pair. No exaggeration, scenes like John’s confrontation with Jesse are why PVR’s were invented (Well, that and because it allowed me to attend my BSG Frakkin’ Finale Party worry-free.) John’s transformation from petulant emo-boy was long overdue and I for one loved getting to see a glimpse of the young man who has finally started to demonstrate that he has what it takes to fight for humanity’s future. A fight, which by the way, just got a whole lot more interesting with Friday’s future-reveal that not all robots are on the same side.

Any scoop on Rob Thomas’ CUPID re-boot? I loved the original and am cautiously optimistic about this new version. — Neptune4Eva
The TV Addict:
Having completely missed the boat on the original CUPID starring Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall I unfortunately can’t speak to how the two versions compare. What I can say, having just watched the pilot (premiering Tuesday March 31 on ABC) is that the new Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson version is flirty, fun and the perfect fit on ABC, which outside of LOST is quickly becoming the CW for the older-skewing female set.

Since I’m far too lazy to read through your lengthy recap of Friday’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series finale, nutshell it for me: Loved it or loathed it? —HolyFrakitsOver
The TV Addict:
Honestly, I’m torn. Because as much as I’m a complete sucker for a happy ending, I can’t help but feel that the one we got was an absolute betrayal of everything creator Ronald D. Moore had spent four years meticulously crafting. In one fowl swoop, the dark tone and mantra that life isn’t fair, there are no easy choices and sh*t happens was wiped away, as he took the easy way out and ended off the show with virtually every series regular alive. Joss Whedon he ain’t (and yes, we’re still reeling from [SERENITY SPOILER ALERT] Wash’s death.)

Is [you know who] really dead on BIG LOVE? — LoveAddict
The TV Addict:
If this were your average run-of-the-mill television series, I would say that there is no way BIG LOVE would kill off their show’s Arvin Sloane equivalent. After-all, in television, a good guy like Bill Henrickson is only as entertaining as the villain in which he’s forced to bring down. That said, as the saying goes: it’s not TV, it’s HBO. So if I must put my money where my mouth is. Roman is 100% unequivocally dead (although I’m not about to rule out the return of Harry Dean Stanton in ghost form!)

Any word on NBC’s new Amy Poehler series PARKS & RECREATION? April 9th can’t come soon enough. — DunderMifflinDenizen
The TV Addict:
Actually, it can. At least according to Nikki Finke who is reporting that a recent test screening of the pilot did not go well. With audiences characterizing the series premiere as “slow,” “tedious” and a “predictable carbon copy” of THE OFFICE. Which brings us to my completely uninformed take having not had the chance to watch the pilot: If NBC didn’t currently find itself teetering in fourth place among the major networks, PARKS & RECREATION would not have been rushed to make a spring premiere.

Obsessed Amy Acker fan here. What have you got for me? — AckerFanGirl21
The TV Addict:
I’ve got good news for you because you are not alone. Turns out, Joss Whedon shares your love of both Acker and the character she plays on DOLLHOUSE. Revealing on a recent conference call that, “I love that character, not just because it’s Amy Acker, but because she wears misery and torture on her face literally. We will definitely learn how she came to this fabulous career and in the last few episodes, we get to turn the Acker up pretty hot and it’s very exciting.”

I don’t have a question, but just wanted to say how much I agree with your recent tweet that said, “Just finished watching Friday’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. How this isn’t the most popular show on television I’ll never understand!” — Cleareyesfullhearts
The TV Addict:
I know right? Between the Taylor’s dealing with Matt and Julie’s off-the-field extra-curriculers, Tyra finally giving something back to Landry, Momma McCoy allowing J.D. to escape from under the tyrannical grasp of his overbearing father and Garitty-Gate ’09, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is truly firing on all cylinders. Begging the question, why aren’t you watching?

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  • luke

    TV addict I’m confused. Didn’t you post before the finale that you wanted BSG to have a happy ending? I loved the finale and I was thrilled that everyone had a nice ending. I like Joss Whedon, but in Buffy and in Angel I felt like he killed two of my favorite characters (Anya and Wesley) just for shock value. I’m glad Ronald D. Moore didn’t take that approach. But if death is really what you were expecting, I guess you could say everyone died after the 150,000 year jump. 🙂

  • Luke,
    I did indeed. But if BSG, and/or life in general has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t always get what we want. Which is why I think Mr. Moore should have stuck with the tone he set in the world in which he created by having a lot less happy of an ending.

  • luke

    I see your point, but I think when it’s a series finale it is important that the show end on a good note, so it doesn’t alienate the viewers and keeps the fan base alive. I do, however, wish they would’ve killed Helo. When he got shoot, it seemed like a good end to the character.

  • Josh C.

    im glad im not the only person who thought GG was awful

  • Nick.C

    DOLLHOUSE was great,Finally!

    I never thought that Boyd Langton(Harry Lennix)would be my favorite character but he is.He brings a lot of heart to the show.Having said that Sierra(Dichen Lachman )is awful.She can not act and is creepy to look at.
    Im glad this show is picking up.As far as Alpha goes i might have found out who is playing him…Damn you IMDB….

  • Nick, yeah, I found out the hard way about IMDb too. A few weeks ago, I was looking at the Episode Cast section and looked at a future episode by accident, one being this past Friday’s episode. I’ve known for quite some time that someone connected to a main character was secretly a doll. So, that reveal on Friday was no surprise to me at all.

    I don’t know about Alpha, so I’ll try to stay away from IMDb’s Dollhouse entry for a while.

    As for BSG, I’m glad to see someone whose torn about the episode too. I was okay with the ending being “happy,” even if it did seem out of place with how gloomy the rest of the series always was. I’m more torn about the religious overtones (angels, resurrections, divine intervention, etc.). As much as I like the idea of shows, especially sci-fi, integrating a little religion into their stories, I’m not quite sure I like the way BSG pulled it off. Maybe I’m being picky, and I still can’t articulate it well, but something just didn’t feel right about it.

    TVAddict, you said of Ron Moore, “Joss Whedon he ain’t.” I’m not always thrilled with Joss Whedon either, so I’d say “J. Michael Straczynski, *they* ain’t.” 😉