Good News, Bad News: Brian Austin Green, VERONICA MARS & DirecTV

Good News: Brian Austin Green just snagged himself another starring role, joining Gabrielle Union, Tim Matheson, Minka Kelly and Jason Dohring in the CW’s BODY POLITIC. Bad News: It’s never a good sign when cast members are already jumping ship, even if his role in the new CW series is no doubt contingent on TERMINATOR’s future, or lack there of. [Source]

Good News: Satellite provider DirecTV continues to win over the hearts of TV Addicts everywhere by providing a second home for short-lived favorites such as SMITH, EYES and THE NINE. Bad News: We still don’t get DirecTV in Canada. [Source]

Good News: VERONICA MARS mastermind Rob Thomas doesn’t believe that his beloved series’ much-buzzed-about jump to the big screen is completely dead. Bad News: “Right now it’s just looking depressing,” revealed Thomas in a recent interview. “I think honestly if we would have had the pitch ready a year earlier, it would be a go project. The hope that we would get a quick greenlight didn’t materialize. This is the least optimistic I’ve felt in a while.” [Source]

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  • Tim

    The VM news frustrates me, because it was just january that he was saying Joel Silver was going to finance the movie and he was excited that it was going to get made.

  • TVFan

    So disappointed about the VM movie news. Even if there is only a fanbase of 3 million fans, multiply that by 10 bucks you’ve got 30 million dollars. Add in DVD revenue and you’ve easily made a sweet little profit on what I’m sure will be a movie that costs less than 50 million.

  • Don’t forget how SCC started its season: “Has Derek Reese overstayed his welcome?” (or something like that). Everyone thinks that if he leaves, the show is gone. I’m not sure that’s a correct assumption . (Not that I want him gone!)

  • David

    Directv is BAD news.

    Thinking about signing up with Directv??

    Well you better read that small print REAL CLOSE!

    What they DON’T tell you about, up front, about those great
    initial offers:

    They don’t tell you that the advertised price won’t kick
    in until 3-4 months AFTER you sign up. You will be charged
    the REGULAR FULL price until you complete certain
    You will continue to pay the full price until you complete those
    requirements. (It’s all in the small print).
    After you sign up for a particular package and you get
    settled in with those channels, THEY WILL TAKE AWAY/
    REMOVE channels from that package. When you complain
    they tell you that they have the right (again it’s in the small print)
    to remove any channels they want to. If you want a certain channle
    back then you have to up-grade to another package, for an
    additional fee, of course.
    Your monthly bills will never be the same two months
    in a row. When you complain they tell you, oh there was a
    tax increase that had to be passed on, or some other excuse.
    If you agree to let them take payments from your
    checking acct. etc., you never know how much they are
    going to be taking out. DON’T LET THEM TAKE PAYMENTS
    OUT OF YOUR ACCT. Send them a check or pay electronically.

    If you sign up for 12 months their sales reps will ask you to sign up
    for 18 months, telling you “the good thing about that is you get the same
    low price for the entire 18 months.” It does not take long to find
    out that’s a lie.

    All of the above comments are based on my own personal
    dealings with DirecTv. Which are still ongoing. It’s like a nightmare
    that just won’t end!

    If you’re thinking about getting satellite or cable do yourself a favor
    and avoid a LOT of hassle by staying away from Directv. Go with
    your local cable company or Dishtv. Avoid Directv like the plague!

    READ THAT small PRINT!!!

    Lots of luck,