Chad Michael Murray: We’re On To You

In what can only be construed as a sign that has officially hit the big time, we just received our first ever phone call from a mysterious ‘inside source.’ Seriously Ausiello, watch your back!

Turns out that our inside source, who, for the sake of anonymity we’re going to nickname ‘Raven’ is none to pleased that ONE TREE HILL star Chad Michael Murray has decided to take his contract negotiations public (see above YouTube video). So much so that he (or she) went out of their way to inform this TV Addict that it’s not at all uncommon for an actor to use the media in an effort to bolster his bargaining position while in the midst of heated contract negotiations.

In other-words Chad Michael Murray, we’re on to you. But, for the record Chad (can we call you Chad?), feel free to drop us a line anytime if you feel the uncontrollable need to get your side of the story straightened out. 

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  • Silly

    Love it . theybetter bring him back. OTH without him is not the same
    Chad is just so super sweet and nice and if he wants to be back (and to me it sounds like he wants to) he should get the chance
    There are a few characters One Tree Hill could live without but Lucas is definitvely not one of them

    By the way:
    James Van der Beek is hilarious — love his charakter
    And also, the way Dan is not getting a new heart again hahaha couldnt stop laughing (even if its a bit tragic), but heck every Show needs a villain and if he goes they would lose the ultimate bad guy

  • luke

    Chad’s just doing this to get more money. He came off as such a tool in that video.

  • Anyone think this is a good ploy on the part of the CW and Chad Michael Murray to garner interest in the show this season and next. I mean, I haven’t heard buzz like this on One Tree Hill since probably K-Fed guest starred. Seems funny that both him and Hilarie Burton are both posting their problems on Youtube. Saying that, I could just be a conspiracy theoriest. haha.

    And yeah Luke, whatever way you want to look at it, he does come off looking like a tool!

  • 2Btru

    That video is the height of hilarity and I definitely think it’s his way of pushing publicity in his favor. That said, I don’t blame him. I think that’s what pushed Alison Mack’s Smallville negotiations through. I’m not a fan of CMM *at all*, but I think the CW is insanely tight with their money (not when it comes to publicity for “Gossip Girl” and “90210” mind you, just their other shows that they care little about) so it’s good to expose them.

  • TVFan

    Congrats on your first inside source. Here’s to many more 🙂

  • tim w. in tx

    This smells of ‘publicity stunt” to me. lol Remember the days when technology did not afford us to ‘know it all’ about TV and we would actually be surprised about things. lol Like “Edie’s” death on “desperate housewives?” Could U imagine ‘who shot JR?” in this day and age. NO. lol Secrets are hard to keep nowadays. I”m just saying. =)

  • Josh Emerson

    I would absolutely love to see CMM booted from Tree Hill. I’d probably even start watching the show again! He sucks.

  • ML

    First of all, kudos to Chad for letting the fans know that CW is being cheap. OTH wouldn’t have made it through season one if Chad wasn’t on the show. HE IS THE REASON THEY ALL MADE LOTS OF MONEY…so he should be paid whatever he’s asking for. Shame on the CW. I’m glad that Chad is calling them out and soliciting support from the fans. THE FANS ARE THE REASON THE SHOW MADE IT TO SEASON 7–AND CHAD IS THE REASON THERE ARE SO MANY DEDICATED FANS. So the CW needs to listen to the FANS.

  • Jonah

    Amazing that there are so many nutjobs here defending CMM’s totally amateurish publicity stunt, staged to boost his ego and wallet. Chad, better cash in now, because you’re a no-talent hack, and I’m sure your castmates all know it and are embarrassed by this video. Do you EVER consider anyone else besides yourself? Sure didn’t care about Sophia’s feelings when you two-timed her with Skank Hilton, and now you obviously don’t care about the feelings of your castmates, fans, crew or employers who’ve given you the chance to become a “star” (term used loosely) over the last 8-9 years.

    Grow up, kid.

  • leave it alone

    Jonah, I just want to comment that Sophia and Chad divorced years ago and even she’s found a way to forgive him. Let it go!