TV Ratings: March 23, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 18.22 4.2/12
FOX House (R) 7.67 2.7/7
CBS How I Met Your Mother 7.40 2.9/8
NBC Chuck 6.05 2.2/6
CW Gossip Girl 2.20 1.0/3
8:30PM CBS How I Met Your Mother (R) 6.95 2.6/7
9PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 20.85 5.2/13
CBS Two and a Half Men (R) 11.06 3.5/9
FOX 24 10.30 3.4/8
NBC Heroes 6.48 3.0/7
CW One Tree Hill 2.26 1.1/3
9:30PM CBS Rules of Engagement 9.43 3.4/8
10PM CBS CSI: Miami 13.46 4.0/11
ABC Castle 9.81 2.7/7
NBC Medium 6.56 2.2/6
  • Nick

    The phenomenon of OLD PEOPLE. Who else, besides brain-dead turnips, would sit and watch dancing week after week?

    “Ooooh, Martha, look at the perty colors spinning around.”

  • jess

    LMAO. Hey Castle isn’t doing to bad.

  • Ace

    Considering the evil that is Dancing with the “Stars”, Chuck did pretty good this week. I remain hopeful.

  • Patty

    yay for Chuck! I’m glad it did well. And I totally forgot that Castle was on…woops, I better go watch it right now.