GREEK Exclusive: Janeane Garofalo Heads to CRU

janeane garofaloThe TV Addict with Janeane Garofalo, September 2007

Bill O’Reilly might want to cover his ears for this. Because has learned that part-time on-air political sparring partner and full-time actress Janeane Garofalo will be appearing on an upcoming episode of GREEK.

One student in particular who will be paying extra close attention to Professor Garofalo and — as O’Reilly might so kindly put it — her Hollywood Liberal agenda will be our favorite ZBZ’er herself, Casey Cartwright. Who returns to CRU on Monday’s sophomore season premiere with a renewed interest in academia following a summer in Washington where it turns out, Sorority life isn’t the greatest of pre-requisite’s for the real world. Who knew?

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  • the_0ne

    Nothing is wrong with having your own opinions, especially on something as far-reaching as politics. Certainly isn’t a soul on this earth that will say she’s not a liberal as much as Rush Limbaugh is a conservative.

    That being said, I lost ALL respect for that woman when I saw her on an episode of Bill Maher. Not sure what the show is called, but it was on HBO.

    There was one conservative and 3 liberals (not including Maher). Garofalo being one of the liberals (duh!). They were pummeling the conservative. That’s not the problem. Maher tried to stop it by saying something about them all ganging up on him. Garofalo screams, not yells, not talks, screams, there’s nothing unfair about that. What an a**.

  • I’m so excited! I love Janeane, and I’m a fan of Greek.