Where’s the Love for BONES?

david boreanaz

Is David Boreanaz the new Rodney Dangerfield? That’s the question this TV Addict finds himself asking after yesterday’s TV Week headline announcing that “Fox Orders Six Scripts for BONES for 2009-10 Season.” I mean come’on FOX, six scripts? Get serious!

Not only has BONES admirably filled the “Most Valuable Player” void left by the dearly departed THAT 70’s SHOW. It has done so against all odds, including multiple pre-emptions for everything ranging from AMERICAN IDOL to President Obama, four time-slot changes in as many seasons and a total lack of marketing muscle, the likes of which is usually reserved for high profile newcomers such as FRINGE, LIE TO ME and GLEE. Add to that, the fact that BONES has helped to finally make FOX a force to be reckoned with on Thursday night (as per TV Week), “boosting the network’s season-to-date average in the 8PM time-slot by 43% in adults 18 to 49 and by a whopping 74% in overall viewers,” and one can’t help but wonder: What’s a guy gotta do for a little respect around here?

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  • Ace

    You are so right, this makes absolutely no sense. Fox may not beat CBS on Thursday at 8 pm, but they are trouncing the CW, NBC and ABC. Pretty silly move. Any show that consistently gets over 9 million viewers should be renewed for the full 22 and Fox should kiss the ground that the cast walks on. Fox pretty much has AI, 24, Bones and House. 24 probably only has one season to go. So that would leave House and AI. Lie to Me is doing well too, but it is new so it can’t be relied on yet. They better renew Fringe too or I will be sad. Ok, rant over :).

  • jess

    omg are you serious who is running FOX a moron, that’s gotta be the studpidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Nick

    Call it KHARMA, baby. Boreanaz has dissed his fans’ love for Angel, to the point he won’t even answer questions cordially. So do I care if David’s bones are bleached and broken? Ummm….next question.

  • Ben

    Maybe he thinks Whedon fans are sometimes inclined to do stupid things that invite mockery.

    For some reason.

  • Sajast

    Yeah, *this* will calm down the already riled fans, myself included, after this weeks preemption (and possible episode cut). Fox didn’t just drop the ball, they flat out punted it. And their continued silence isn’t helping, either…

  • YES! My sentiments exactly. Bones is Fox’s b*tch. Fox jerks Bones around so much it isn’t even funny. You’d think there’d be some respect considering how much money Bones drags in for the company, but obviously that’s not the way it’s going.

    Fox, you suck. You suck sincerely. You suck hard.

  • Dorothée

    With all due respect that I bring to the Fox (after all it is the chain that broadcasts this wonderful tv show), I want to say STOP. Stop us going round in circles, this whole season the schedule was changed because of the president ,of american idol, oh it’s good there are limits!

    And now that us, fans of bones, we think we’re gonna spend 11 wonderful weeks without interruption, everything is changing!
    After all Bones has been proven to why this is the show who is always neglected and who goes last in fox, well it’s true that the average audience is about 9.5 million since the beginning of the season whereas House is closer to the 12 million but finally on Thursday at 20h we win the audience (sorry ugly betty but the show deserves it).

    Since the release of the first season the level of audience is growing, slowly but surely true!

    We have been really patient this season, but this is too much, and fortunately that fox changes is mind because we already lost one episode this season, fortunately for them they have not pushed the final episode in the next season!
    And by the way, why just 6 episode for the next year?!

    Bones is present more than ever, the actors are great, the fans are completly addicted, the chemistry between Emily Deschanel and David Borenaz works so well, the scenarios are all passionating, the storymore interesting than each other,there are a lot of new guest star all the time the audience is good, the DVD’s box are selling well. Finally what you need more?

    Finally, even if it is true that it does nothing to get excited and that this will not fix things it would be good that they try to understand us a little!
    For me “Bones” is more than a tv show I need it!
    And what I just ask that the fox is shows little understanding and respect, to the show and the actors first, because they are not pawns that they can move as it want, then to the fans, who like me today, are disappointed, not to say anything else less polite.

    Dorothée, a French addict….one more…

  • An’s

    Fox has NO respect for Bones meaning no respect for us Bones fans. Without Bones, FOX would be just another …. whatever… they should renew the whole 5th season 🙁 not just 6 scripts.
    FOX I HATE YOU!!! Bones I love you =).

  • KaeDee

    Nick ~ I seen David Boreanaz in person numerous times when he was promoting Bones (twice at Comic Con), and he has always been very happy and more than willing to answer fan questions about Angel and Buffy. He has often said in live as well as magazine interviews that he owes his success to the fans who have followed him from BTVS to ATS to Bones. The only times he hasn’t agreed to wax eloquent about Angel is when he is actively promoting Bones to the media, feeling he should be talking about his current series rather than a series he used to be on. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • PRChica

    Tv Addict, are you TRYING to rile up more fans or what? Everyone knows that FOX normally announces renewals during May UpFronts. FOX ordered 6 new scripts. Although, it’s not officially renewed, that’s something. Bones consistently does 9 million a week but it’s not gaining viewers, it’s getting the same numbers it got on Wednesday night and the quality of the show is declining, rapidly. No one can deny that fact. Bones fans should be happy it’s still on, for now. Pre-emptions suck but it happens every year. This is nothing new. Maybe FOX is waiting until the season finale to see if they’re going to give Bones the full 22 episode pick up.

  • luna

    Bones is really the redheaded stepchild, as far as FOX is concerned. I understand the need to respect President Obama’s press conferences, and the ratings giant that is AI (as much as I dislike the show), but seriously, something’s gotta give. It’s become a given that Bones is the show automatically punted when there’s a schedule change–I was willing to deal with it at first, but not when there’s talk of them shortening the season because they’ve moved the show around so much. That just shows how little respect FOX has for a show that has lasted four seasons with consistently good ratings and a rabid fan base despite constant pre-emptions, time slot changes, and serious under-advertising, a show that has been highly praised by critics, and a show that is giving them a very strong showing in the Thursday prime time slot. It’s good to hear that they’ve ordered 6 new episodes ahead of the May up-fronts, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that, if this show is cancelled next season, it’s entirely due to FOX’s scheduling antics and refusal to advertise the show properly in an attempt to gain even better ratings. FOX, I expected better from you.

  • In all fairness, I think the reason Fox moves BONES around so much is because it’s proven to do fairly well in any slot they put it. The fans find it and watch it no matter what.

    It IS really crappy the way they’re only ordering 6 SCRIPTS for next season, not even episodes yet. Do the right thing, Fox.

  • brick

    Are you kidding me?! Bones is the best show on tv! WTH is fox thinking and doing? E-Z renew and they need to friggin find a spot for the Bones episodes instead of yanking them.

  • victoria

    Fox so screws Bones and it’s fans; like it’s been said we follow it whereever they put it so instead of putting it somewhere they keep preemptying it put it on friggin Friday night, give me 26 episodes in a row and I’ll watch it every week, and the veiwers are going up even with it only being on once a month. David Boreanaz and Hart Hanson are always promoting the show and Fox, Fox sucks

  • matt

    Bones is the best show I have ever loyally watched. Although I also love House, Without a Trace, Cold Case, the Office, I can’t remember a show in which the actors so naturally interact. I can seriously believe that if there wasn’t a camera around and they were not on a production set, that they would still interact in the same fashion. That makes the show that much more enjoyable – that the characters are not seemingly very detached from the actors that portray them.

  • mel

    Uh.. this person who wrote this article needs a reality check.

    –“and a total lack of marketing muscle, the likes of which is usually reserved for high profile newcomers such as FRINGE, LIE TO ME and GLEE.”

    What planet does he live on? BONES getting no marketing!? WTF does he call all this wanktastic press the end of the season is getting on all thie sites. What does he call adds for BONES on FOX every other commercial or the fact that it’s advertised on TNT now?

    I don’t spend my day watching FOX, but I have seen precious little advertising for “Fringe” or “Lie to Me”. Especially with ‘Fringe’ being off the air fo so long. Maybe in the fall Fringe got hype and ads, but now? Pshht.

    –“Not only has BONES admirably filled the “Most Valuable Player” void left by the dearly departed THAT 70’s SHOW”

    You just compared BONES – a supposed procedural crime drama to a comedy sitcom. Ironic? I think not. *snerk*

    –“four time-slot changes in as many seasons”

    Some of that is FOX actually using BONES to help other new shows. And because BONES gets booty-spanked in the ratings by CBS’s shows. Would you rather it went against ‘NCIS’? ‘Mentalist’? ‘Amazing Race’? Yeah, thought not.

    “Add to that, the fact that BONES has helped to finally make FOX a force to be reckoned with on Thursday night (as per TV Week), “boosting the network’s season-to-date average in the 8PM time-slot by 43% in adults 18 to 49 and by a whopping 74% in overall viewers,”

    Hmm. Wait til “Survivor” comes back. Or something else on CBS…like CSI or “Eleventh Hour”. Honestly, with basketball, I don’t know what’s supposed to be on on Thurs nights on the other networks, but I imagine when the schedule gets back to normal, BONES won’t be “whopping” anything.

    Season-to-date – means BONES was the strongest thing they wanted to move into that times slot against whatever goes in the CBS 8PM timeslot.

    BONES’ numbers are still waaay down from previous seasons.

    “Fox Orders Six Scripts for BONES for 2009-10 Season.” I mean come’on FOX, six scripts? Get serious!”

    Would you like NO scripts ordered? Maybe the exec are feeling the pinch of the economy and would like wait and see…maybe they’re as off-put by the show’s finale spoilers as a lot of the fans are? Maybe they’ll come with a full season order come April? Who knows. All I can say is that with a new crop of new shows lined up for next fall, ratings for a lot of shows going down, lots of shows on the bubble (several on FOX) BONES getting ANY script orders this early shouldn’t be complaining.

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  • tigerlady3796

    What is surprising is that Bones has lasted as long as it has. Fox has a habit of killing all the shows I like before I even know they’re on. Ex (Firefly, Dark Angel, Drive) and now Bones though it’s lasted longer. You would think Fox would try to help there shows succeed apishly after Firefly’s cult following spawned a blockbuster move. I just can’t believe Joss Whedon made Dollhouse for Fox after they killed Firefly. I wish the best of luck to Bones, and Dollhouse. Maybe Fox will wake up and learn from there mistakes.

  • New Zealand

    Hi mel,Would you rather it went against ‘NCIS’? It has last year and it has also gone against “Survivor” i’m sure Bones will get a full season 5

  • tanya

    Bones has for five years been a steady success for fox, but the moving around has not really hurt the show. Who ever said that the rating are lower than ever can not be paying much attention to the standings.. Hero in the hold got more viewership than any other episode almost 1.5 million more people watching. More and more people are watching and liking the great ensemble cast.. No body can deny that emily and david have the best chemistry on tv.. I will watch the show because it is the best crime drama on tv, and also has the best ensemble and because of david…