Tonight’s TV Addicts: March 26, 2009

As much as a sitcom about three women with radically different parenting skills scream “Must See TV” to a twenty-something male TV Addict, we’re willing to give it a shot thanks to stars Megan Mullaly (WILL & GRACE) and Cheryl Hines (CURBED YOUR ENTHUSIASM)

THE OFFICE (9PM NBC, Global in Canada)
With apologies to our new twitter friend @mindykaling, we believe we’ve watched enough episodes of THE OFFICE to know how Kelly’s new co-worker crush will work out. Not well.

30 ROCK (9:30PM NBC, CityTV in Canada)
It’s the return of everybody’s favorite only beeper- king when Liz’s ex-flame Dennis (Dean Winters) drops by to confess about an addiction, causing catty friction between Liz and Jenna.

As is often the case with SUPERNATURAL, the episodes title says it all. When Sam and Dean live normal separate lives, work at the same company, but don’t seem to know each other — “It’s a Terrible Life” indeed.

ER (10PM NBC, CTV in Canada)
Little known not-at-all-made-up-fact: Tonight’s special guest star Tom Arnold was this close to scoring the gig that eventually made George Clooney a star.

WHAT’S MAKING YOU FAT (8PM Discovery Health)
If we had to guess, all this sitting on the couch and watching TV. But really, we’d rather not think about it.

It’s Freaky Thursday SMALLVILLE style when the magician Zatanna (Serinda Swan) comes to town and grants Chloe’s birthday wish that results in Chloe and Lois switching bodies.

HELL’S KITCHEN (9PM FOX, 10PM CityTV in Canada)
The presence of guest diner Robert Patrick (TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY) intensifies the competition among the nine remaining chefs… because, you know, they’re all waiting to hear those three magic words: “I’ll Be Back…”

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  • Linda B.

    OMG – I love your comment about What’s Making You Fat. 🙂

  • Thanks Linda B 🙂

  • Linda B.

    Hey, am I missing something? When did the side pictures show up, and how can i get mine to show?

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  • Alison

    what about greys and private practice?

  • I’m 3 episodes behind on each. Hoping to catch up this weekend!

  • Linda B.

    OMG – Grey’s was amazing this week! I was sitting on the couch w/ a blanket on watching it. Near the end of the episode I had to remove the blanket as I was getting hot. Oops, maybe I just shared too much 😉