Why We’re Excited for Tonight’s Episode of DOLLHOUSE

After weeks of sticking with DOLLHOUSE as a penance for missing out on the entire BUFFY/ANGEL phenomena, not to mention only discovering the brilliance that was FIREFLY long after FOX sent it to join a long list of shows in their brilliant-but-cancelled graveyard, this TV Addict is happy to report that tonight, unlike the previous six weeks, we’re actually looking forward to the show for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with our guilt-ridden conscious.

What’s changed? Well it’s simple. After five weeks of watching a combination of unsympathetic dolls act like glorified escorts and their even less-likable handlers pimp them out to anyone for the right price, there is finally someone to root for. Someone on the inside that is willing to help Agent Paul Ballard bring the Dollhouse down. And frankly, it’s about time. Because television already has more than its fair share of shows that feature beautiful people doing questionable things: It’s called reality television and we’re sick of it.

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  • Ace

    I thought it was called “Grey’s Anatomy” ;-). But I agree that I am finally into the show. I’m glad I stuck it out and hopefully it will be worth it. It is kind of funny that Eliza Dushku has been billed as the star though b/c she is pretty much my least favorite character. Hopefully we’ll get some back story on the real her tonight.

  • Yes! It was shockingly unlikable for five episodes and then BOOM! The payoff. Thank god. Joss Whedon is back!

  • Funny, I had reservations about Eliza Dushku at the start, but she’s won me over. I think the character of Echo/Caroline is being introduced gently enough, and maybe the first 5 episodes were slow burners, but they’ve brought bits of her backstory in nicely. The big question is: did she volunteer for the Dollhouse or was she forced in?

  • K8ie

    This is what I don’t get – people suffer through five weeks of sexist, exploitive crap and in week six the show throws you a bone “oh, see? We don’t actually think this sexist crap is cool but just keep watching Eliza Dushku strip off” and it’s suddenly okay with everyone?


  • K8ie,

    Why is it five weeks of sexist exploitative crap? If anything, thanks to the inclusion of Victor, I’d say the Dollhouse is equally exploitative to both male and females.

  • blueberry

    I’ve actually been rooting for Echo’s handler this whole time. I forget his name, but he seems to be the most morally un-gray of the lot. Plus I like the whole backstory of whether Echo really has all of her memory wiped each time or if she retains some of it.

    On the flipside, I’m really annoyed with Topher. I should have known automatically when I found out his name was Topher that no good can come from his mouth. I hope that Asian girl/assistant puts him in his place.

    Other than that, Dollhouse has been a solid watch.