Exclusive Interview: Spencer Grammer Talks GREEK


Good News: After far too long a hiatus, GREEK returns to TV tonight for the start of its sophomore season. Bad News: For my wallet. No seriously. One needn’t look any further than my iTunes bill for proof of this TV Addict’s dedication to GREEK. And can you really blame me?

Thanks to its perfect mix of frat boy fun and sorority high-jinx, GREEK has it all. The heart of which is star Spencer Grammer (Casey Cartwright), who was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk to the TV Addict about everything from what it’s like to grow up in the shadow of a famous father to what fans can expect when Casey Cartwright returns from Washington when GREEK kicks off a brand new season tonight at 8PM on ABC Family.

First off, I am in love with your father [Kelsey Grammer]. How’s he doing?
Me too! He’s like my favorite Dad. Well, my only Dad. But he’s doing much better thanks [following a heart attack over the summer], playing tennis and everything seems to be working out okay.

Was he the reason you wanted to become an actress?
I’ve always been driven to do something satisfying and something that I loved because whatever you choose, you’re going to be doing it for most of your life.

Hanging out with Cappie and Ashley all day sure sounds like a tough job!
I have an awesome kick ass job. It’s so much fun. When I was a kid I was a dancer and at some point I went, “I don’t know if dance is the right thing for me.” So I started acting and then in high school I really pursued it.

Was it harder to be taken seriously because of your Dad?
Because I’m a girl and I used to have really short hair, I didn’t really tell people unless they put the names together. I really wanted to make it on my own.

It’s funny, because prior to the show’s premiere, I always assumed Rusty was “Spencer Grammer”
[Laughs] I get that all the time. I think I really wanted to be an actress because I thought more girls should be named Spencer and that people would finally stop making fun of my name.

It’s a really cool name.
I think it’s a really cool name too. My Dad named me after his best friend in High School so it’s kind of an honor to be named Spencer. I wouldn’t want to be named anything else

What’s the best advice your father ever gave you?
My Dad always said that you can’t stop on every-corner. You should always make sure you take care of yourself first and don’t waste time with people who are going to bring you down. My Dad has given me so much advice for so many things. I really go to him for everything. We’ve had our moments, I mean what girl and father don’t throughout life? But he’s great, I love him so much.

Last Kelsey Grammer related question, I swear. Has there ever been talk of him appearing on GREEK?
No, we’ve never brought it up. Not once [laughs]. He’s got his own shows, he’s so busy β€” directing, producing, and starring.

Okay, moving onto my favorite show. How was Casey’s summer in Washington? What can fans expect from Casey when GREEK returns tonight?
I come back from Washington realizing that I really need to focus more on school, buckle down and be serious. It turns out that I really didn’t know anything about politics, I didn’t know what I was doing in Washington and everyone made fun of me because I was a Sorority Girl. Of course when I return to CRU I don’t tell anyone about this, especially Ashley, because she’d be so disappointed.

I’m sensing a reversal here, with Rusty choosing to go the more ‘Casey’ route while Casey becomes more studious.
Year for sure, that is definitely the way it’s going to go. Rusty is going to have to really balance his course-load and his social life and make choices Casey never did. Which I think is the biggest thing you learn in College: time management. Figuring out who you are and what you think is important. Am I going to be studying all the time? Or am I going to go on this date with this really hot guy or girl?

I hear we haven’t seen the last of Max. Are you surprised about that?
I think Casey got fed up with the Evans and the Cappies of the world and wanted to be her own individual person. But that doesn’t mean that her and Max weren’t constantly “IM’ing” over the summer. Casey didn’t break up with Max because she didn’t love him. She just broke up with Max because she needed to do something for herself. Which is why she choose Washington.

Will fans get a chance to see any of Casey in Washington, perhaps through a flashback or two?
You may see a snippet of Washington, though not in a flashback.

Will we be getting to spend anymore time with Carol Potter?
Carol Potter is not with us this season, but she’s with us in spirit.

Having grown up on BEVERLY HILLS 90210, it was kind of a thrill to see Mrs. Walsh make an appearance last season.
Oh My God, for me too. But we have some of the greatest guest stars this season. Jesse McCartney plays a new rush and Janeane Garofalo will be playing a professor.

Is it frustrating that GREEK doesn’t seem to get the media attention that say a GOSSIP GIRL or 90210 do, even though we both known it’s far superior to both shows?
Than you. I think our show is different and has much more of a heart to it. Sure we have parties and love triangles but at its core, it’s about family, a brother and sister first and foremost and brothers and sisters in general.

One of my favorite parts of the show is Casey’s relationship with Rusty.
I think the writers do such a good job with the Casey/Rusty relationship. It’s my favorite part of the show and really keeps GREEK grounded.

Last question, because I know you have to go.
No, it’s so much fun talking to people who actually watch the show…

One of the quirks about GREEK that I love is that time never seems to move forward. Or when it does, it moves incredibly slow! It took two real-time years to get through one year at CRU. Is it hard to shoot a show that moves at such a glacial pace?
I actually like it. With GREEK, each episode is a week in college, or a couple of days, or sometimes even one day which we call a bottle episode β€” where everything takes place in one location and on one day to save money β€” because it feels like I’m living Casey’s life and I love playing Casey.

What do you like best about Casey?
She’s three dimensional. She’s a good person but does bad things. Kind of like I do, like everybody does. She’s always trying to make right by it but sometimes, you don’t.

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