What the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Renewal Means for the Future of Television


Score one for fans of quality television everywhere.

According to Variety, DirecTV and NBC have reached an agreement that will see FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS stick around for not just one but two more 13-episode seasons of Dillon Panther football.

Better still, the continuation of this cross-platform deal between the network and the cable provider could, if we’re lucky, serve as a blueprint for similar deals in the future. Because the undeniable facts of modern television life are these: The audience is, for a multitude of reasons, shrinking, while costs are rising and the economy is sinking. And while those factors already have contributed to the loss of such quality shows as SWINGTOWN and PUSHING DAISIES, deals such as the one which will keep FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on the air might well become the norm and offer such currently-struggling shows as DOLLHOUSE or KINGS a new life.

A pipe dream? Perhaps. But who’d have thought FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS would make it to season four?

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  • Josh C.

    Make it to season four? who would have thought it would make it past season one? I couldnt be more thrilled though!! Score one for me and having DirecTV!!!!

  • Jae

    Hooray, I love that show, it is so real and reminds me so very much of myself at that age in high school, I can identify with the young girls and their teen age years in high school. I am now 68 almost 69 and I well remember all the fun and the tragic and dramatic moments of our lives, with my girlfriends and boyfriends and losing one of our star football players at home coming one year, he had been hurt in a prior game and had been released to play that Friday night at homecoming, only to be hurt again and died on the way to the hospital from a head injury…. So sad, but then there were the many good times as well. What a wonderful time in my life, as well as being in the 50’s and we all know what a wonderful time that was in the history of being a teenager. Friday Night Lights brings back such wonderful modern day times of the 50’s for me…. I am really happy they are going to be around another 2 years… Thank you….

  • Lucky FNL, I wished Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone at al had the same opportunity

  • Jacob

    This is execptional television we’re dealing with here. While Dollhouse and Pushing Daisies are great television, they have enough flaws that I don’t think they deserve the same.

    This kind of thing should be reserved for the very best of the best or next thing we know According to Jim and ER may never die.

  • Neena

    ‘deals such as the one which will keep FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on the air might well become the norm and offer such currently-struggling shows as DOLLHOUSE or KINGS a new life.’

    I hope you are right about Kings…i really like it but it doesn’t look like it will last. If i were a producer with an idea for a tv series that is a little different, i certainly now would go to cable first. Anything on Network tv in the US that doesn’t get over 10 million seems doomed to die, unless extremely lucky.

  • Ace

    I have never watched FNL, I just can’t get into shows that center around football. Maybe someday I’ll give it a try… Anyway, this news still makes me happy b/c networks are finally realizing that they have to try new models instead of just cancelling quality shows after a short run. I only wish ABC had jumped on board this fall and saved my beloved Pushing Daisies.

  • Oh man, this news makes my week! Though I have to say, I’m a little curious – what with so many of the main cast graduating at the end of Season Three – how the heck they are going to keep it going. I don’t think I can take an entire FNL show centered around that McCoy kid….

  • sharon

    I think that FNL is one of the best series that tv has ever seen. I hope it lasts as long as FRIENDS,CHEERS,etc.

  • randa

    YESSSSSSsssssssssssss!!! That seriously makes my day!

  • I literally just squealed out loud. I’ve gotten my co-worker obsessed with FNL and we were all lamenting about it’s fate. Plus with the way this season ended (i have DirecTv so I’ve seen it already) FNL needed at least one more season.

    Btw, on DirecTv it’s commercial free as well as early. I love it.