Bobby Cannavale and Sarah Paulson Talk CUPID


Tonight marks the premiere of CUPID Version 2.0 on ABC and to help spread the word were stars Jeremy Piven Bobby Cannavale and Paula Marshall Sarah Paulson who were kind enough to spend a few minutes chatting it up with

Before we get into CUPID, I have to ask [Sarah] the obligatory STUDIO 6O ON THE SUNSET STRIP question. Were you apprehensive about jumping back into television after what happened with your last show?
Sarah Paulson: If anything, STUDIO 60 further wetted my appetite to want to do something really good on television. Although I know it had its problems, the words I got to say were sort of unprecedented so really, my only apprehension was that I wouldn’t get to bite into the same type of material. And although it’s a totally different kind of show, Rob [Thomas] writes incredibly funny and witty repartee, a different version of the Aaron Sorkin rat-atat-tat… yeah that’s right, I said rat-atat-tat…
Bobby Cannavale: And “repartee”

Were you familiar with Rob Thomas’ original version of CUPID?
Sarah Paulson: I knew it existed, but I really didn’t want to watch it because I’m just a copycat anyways and would have ended up just copying anything that was done.
Bobby Cannavale: I don’t believe that.
Sarah Paulson: I was worried that I would get ideas based on what came before me, you know?
Bobby Cannavale: I don’t watch any television.

The TV Addict: Oddly enough you’re not the first actor who has told me that.
Bobby Cannavale: It takes a lot of time and you have to really commit to sitting in front of a screen and I have other things I’d rather be doing. I work a lot for one, I like to read, it’s just not something I was into as a kid. Although that doesn’t mean I don’t watch TV shows. The DVD thing… these new  things the kids are watching, I really like them.
Sarah Paulson: Didn’t you just finish watching DEXTER on DVD?
Bobby Cannavale: I just finished watching the first three seasons of DEXTER in two weeks

The TV Addict Ahh… so you watch TV, just on DVD.
Bobby Cannavale: Yeah, pretty much.

What attracted you two to the series?
Sarah Paulson: I get to work with Bobby everyday. 

Bobby and were you equally excited to work with Sarah?
Bobby Cannavale: That’s what drew me to the project initially. As well as the character and his extraordinary circumstances and the fun that I’d be able to have playing this kind of part. The relationshp between Trevor and Claire is really the heart of the show. And being able to watch it from the first step and see where it takes us. The building of that relationship is where the meat of the story lies.
Sarah Paulson: You just wanted to find a way to get ‘meat of the story-line” in there.

I understand you’ve shot seven episodes this season. But should the unthinkable happen and CUPID not get picked up for a second season, will fans be left with a dreaded cliffhanger?
Bobby Cannavale: I would definitely say that by the end of the first season, Trevor and Claire’s relationship hasn’t gotten all the way where it’s supposed to be. We do get closer and certainly I think the audience will be left with a feeling that maybe there’s something that is about to happen.

I suppose if thing go as well as you’re hoping, Trevor and Claire Cupid’s last love connection.
Sarah Paulson: That’s the conceit of the show. Cupid ended up with a mortal, named Psyche… and since my character’s a psychologies, you can pretty much guess the rest from there!

CUPID premieres Tuesday March 31 at 10PM on ABC