Lessons Learned From Last Night’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

how i met your mother cast

1. Not everything aboot about Canada is funny: Look, we’re the first recognize the genius that is Robin Sparkles, and really, who doesn’t love the occasional joke at Canada’s expense. But last night’s observation by Robin that the original inspiration for Lethal Weapon were the fictional Canadian duo of McElroy and LaFleur may have been the hat that broke the proverbial Mountie’s back. Because if you ask us, there is such a thing as one too many jokes at Canada’s expense.

2. It’s about the journey, stupid: Amidst the hilarity that was Barney doing shots in the bar with strangers, you may have missed show-runners Carter Bays and Craig Thomas’ clever use of Robin to voice their inner-monologue, when she waxed poetically to Ted that, “You can’t just jump to the end, the journey is the best part.” In other-words, stop asking about who the mother is.

3. Jason Segal’s dedication to his craft knows no bounds: Or at least that’s what we’re going to assume after watching Marshall slowly pack on the sympathy weight over the course of the season for his TV wife Lily’s real-life pregnancy.

4. Comedy Writing 101: And finally, nothing rescues an unfunny Marshall subplot like a surprise appearance by a basketball playing Teen Wolf. Seriously. Genius.

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  • Josh Emerson

    1. It’s still funny!
    2. I’ve never understood why anyone really cares who the mother is at this point. But maybe I feel that way because Ted has always been my least favorite character.
    3. Ausiello was talking about the lead of a drama. He’s supporting on a comedy.

  • I stand corrected on point #3 Josh, Thanks for pointing out my error!

  • luke

    I do agree that the Canadian jokes are a bit over kill this season, but I still laughed.

  • Marcos

    I agree with point #1. The Canada jokes peaked with “Little Minnesota”.

  • K

    Segel has been shaping up lately, though, and has been looking pretty damn good when he’s been doing press for I Love You, Man.

    #2 is a brilliant catch! It drives me insane how everyone’s all hung up on the mother is – honestly, to me, it doesn’t even matter at this point in time. The show could just as well be called How My Friends And I Spent Our Late Twenties And Early Thirties, And How I Eventually Met You Mother, except, you know, it’s already a bit long..

  • Theo

    As a Canadian, I still laugh out loud at the Canada jokes.

  • Shanna

    I LOVE “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER”, I think its a really good comedy, Ive been watching it from the beginning and it never gets old. I love Monday’s just because thats my day to watch it, and frankly I love all of the dumb candian jokes and the way that Ted is so hell bent on telling his children his life story.

  • Varun Sai Godha

    Wow I’m here 7 years later.