Review: CUPID

By: Aleks Chan

CUPID (a remake of the 1998 dramedy starring Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall) opens with what will likely be many more Grand Gestures: Bobby Cannavale, playing the titular God of Love, helps a smitten Irishman rework the lights as the ball drops in Times Square to read as a giant sign displaying: “Holly I’m Here.” Said Irishman, in a stroke of luck, met who he felt was the love of his life when an American tourist (Holly) spends 20 minutes in his pub – so he dropped everything, and flew across the pond to find her. Altogether now: Oy.

Now here’s another: Cupid – under the guise of Trevor Pierce – has been sentenced to matching 100 couples in Manhattan, without his bow and arrows, before he can resume his life atop Mount Olympus. And after getting arrested for his stunt with the lightbulbs, is put under the care of Dr. Claire McCrae (Sara Paulson, rebounding from STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP) a psychiatrist who – surprise! – deals in the matters of pragmatic approaches to love.

It fits so perfectly into ABC’s current programming block: it’s like a romantic procedural, setting itself up to match two new guest stars together every week, with Trevor and Claire batting banter as they build their (synthetic) attraction to each other. Cannavale and Paulson, in their own respects and in their own scenes, are perfectly fine, committed actors. He can be effusive, yet never overbearing; she has the trickier job of getting a lame character, but pulls it off with a breadth of sanity. It’s just when they’re together that it really drags, because the two of them produce about as much chemistry as two glasses of water.

The lack of charisma is strange considering its creator, Rob Thomas, who no doubt must be thrilled to see the very show ABC pulled after one season live again, seems to not have brought what he’s learned since then: where’s the rapport between the characters, the sense of spirit and wit in the romantic foils’ sexually-charged exchanges? And how is it that Paulson’s Claire is the dullest, prickliest woman he’s ever written – did he extol all of his feminine gumption on Kristen Bell?

Whatever the case, there’s a good chance CUPID might be around long enough to develop itself beyond a weekly romantic comedy setup: it’s been paired with the DANCING WITH THE STARS performance show, a cushy ratings sweetspot that might give it the longevity it needs to realign its trajectory.

Cupid debuts tonight at 10 p.m. est on ABC

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  • I didn’t know a doctor could specialize in pragmatic approaches to love. Is there a class on that in med school?

  • This was my favorite show of all time, In the 90s!!! Just like before, the stupid ABC execs have RUINED it. 10 time slot…(Last time they kept changing the day, none of us that adored the show could find it half the time!!! And the comercials for the show(Int he 90’s) didn’t make any sense, people that didn’t watch the show I’m sure had NO idea what it was about.) The new ACTORS DON’T HOLD A CANDLE to the old Trevor and Claire!!! The chemestry is flatter than my sisters bra. Watching that last night was like watching Jeremy Piven in slow motion, without the persona, lovable character or the believability of a guy who reallly thinks he’s cupid. (Who was THE best guy for the part,by the way. I hate him in that stupid HBO show,CUPID was his best show.)It is SUCH a great idea, the storylines are beautiful, with the right people, it could have been PERFECT. (I know the storylines VERY well, I have watched the show for years, I won’t tell you how. Thank you ABC…you’ve RUINED it… TWICE!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGG
    I am SO pissed off!!!