Breaking: VERONICA MARS Movie Officially Gets the Green Light

veronica mars movie poster

[NOTE: The following article is a press release issued by the aforementioned network and/or company. Any errors, typos, etc. are attributed to the original author. The release is reproduced solely for the dissemination of the enclosed information.]

LOS ANGELES, California β€” Warner Bros. Pictures is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between Joel Silver Productions and Warner Bros. Pictures to commence shooting the highly anticipated VERONICA MARS movie with Kristen Bell (FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL, WHEN IN ROME, HEROES) set to star.

A Warner Bros. Picture Production, VERONICA MARS is produced by Joel Silver, and based on the popular television series of the same name that ran on UPN and later the CW from 2004-2007.

“Kristen Bell is one of the most gifted actresses working today and we’re thrilled that she, alongside MARS mastermind Rob Thomas have agreed to continue the story they started.” Silver said.

“After ending the series in the unfortunate manner in which we did, I’m thrilled to be able to return to Neptune and give fans the resolution they so richly deserve.” Elaborated Thomas.

“I loved Veronica right off the bat and am thrilled to be given another chance to tell her story. Veronica was so strong and I think it is so important because there are so few shows, and now movies, that portray women, especially young women as being strong and being able to stand up for themselves.” Said Bell.

The screenplay by Rob Thomas will find Veronica back in college for her senior year as she balances books, boys and a mystery unlike she has ever faced before.

Also onboard are original cast members Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring, Francis Capra, Ryan Hansen, Tina Majorino and Enrico Colantoni

VERONICA MARS: The Movie will be filmed on location in San Diego beginning in early May and will be released in Spring 2010 by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Oh, and on the off chance you’ve gotten this far and still think this press release is real, we’re sorry to inform you that someone forgot what day it is!


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  • Katherine


  • That joke was just cruel πŸ™ and it was kind of obvious that it was a joke as well since Ausiello hasn’t written anything about it πŸ˜‰

  • paketep

    I’m with klafs. I knew before I clicked in the RSS link that it was an April Fools “joke”. And it is in really really poor taste.

    Shame on you, TVA. I hate April 1st because everybody does stupid jokes. I’d hate to see everybody moving up to CRUEL and stupid jokes.

  • allie

    That was really mean!!! =(



  • Just Jody

    Haha. Too bad it’s not true, but I’m glad this was my reminder that today is April 1. Now at least I’ll be prepared for any truly mean things that are in store!

  • laiq

    Not ashamed to admit you fooled me…

    well done…

    I’ll go back to my normal life things now, instead of stopping everything to read this… *hangs head in shame and decides to remember the date*

  • Ace

    Wow, simmer on down with the capslock. But seriously, nice April Fools joke :). Growing up with an older brother, I never forget when this day rolls around.

  • Jocelyn

    I hate you a little bit right now, TV Addict. I really do.

  • Ana Maria

    …this was not funny at all; I can take funny-cruel, but this was just plain cruel…

  • Nick

    Have I mentioned how I really detest April 1st?

  • Hil

    Going for the jugular?

  • andy

    What gave it away for me? The poor grammar. Sheesh.

  • Josh Emerson

    Too cruel. I really despise this day.

  • Lis

    I also think this was not funny at all. I really can’t stand April Fools day. I just found this site and added it to my yahoo page cause it seemed like a good site, but this is what I get?? I guess I was wrong. To all of us real VM Fans, this was really cruel. You won’t have to worry about me visiting your site any more after this.

  • k8ie

    Shouldn’t an April Fool’s Day joke be funny when the prank is revealed?

    No love, TV Addict.

  • WOW. Clearly I underestimated everyone’s ability to take an April Fool joke. Thank God I didn’t go with plan “B” SUPERNATURAL to End After Next Season!

  • I’ve read this kind of crap as a joke on two different sites now for April Fool’s, and… will everyone please let the whole Veronica Mars movie idea go already? I know Rob Thomas is going to be heartbroken that his Cupid regurgitation failed as much as his career has, but articles like this are just encouraging him.

    No one is going to flock to theaters to pay to see something 2 million people wouldn’t watch for free. RT ran Veronica into the ground; no need to give him another opportunity.

  • Uh, two days ago I spent like, an hour on Youtube watching Veronica/Logan montages – so this rubs a little raw. But that’s not to say it isn’t a possibility, right???

  • adrian

    wow.. now my day is ruined =[

  • Kat

    You got me! Kinda mean, but good one TVA! Lighten up everyone!

    And yeah lighten up on the capslock too. You’re clearly way too uptight to take a joke AYLA ROSE. Yet another boycott? lol

  • Lily

    Mean, mean and more mean. And definately not funny.

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  • doal

    You got me there for a second. The BEST second I’ve had in weeks.

  • ct

    Um, people… LIGHTEN UP!

    If y’all ain’t mature enough to laugh at an April Fool’s Day joke, then you might wanna consider avoiding the internet and/or any other information outlet each year on this day.

    And if having your hopes dashed about a Veronica Mars movie sends you into such fits, you might also wanna consider preparing yourself, because at this point, the odds of it happening are about the same as the odds that before the end of this day, Martians will land on Earth and announce that they’ve got the cure for every ailment known to mankind.

  • Mel

    LOLOL It was the B&W picture that first made me suspicious!! I probably wouldn’t have been nearly as amused by Plan B. πŸ˜‰

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  • bloodlink

    So cruel! That’s like telling Moonlight fans it’s coming back…

  • Tee

    The problem with this joke is that its really cynical and sadistic. Which is fine if you don’t mind being that way; and a lot of people even pride themselves on it. Sure its just a silly movie, but the mean spirit remains. The ‘Supernatural’ joke would have been better since it goes for the opposite effect (as most April Fool’s jokes do, I think).

  • Lindlee

    I think the problem with this April Fool’s joke is it got people’s hopes up only to crush them. You probably should have gone with the Supernatural plan. We would have freaked out initially only to sigh in relief when we realized the truth. I’m just glad you didn’t say it was a Gilmore Girl’s movie. I would have been upset then too.

  • ME


  • Alison

    wow people are seriously overreacting. I gotta say you got me!! haha I was confused because I hadn’t heard it anywhere else. haha that was good lol i got my friend and told her nathan was gonna die on oth she totally bought it and started freaking out lol. i love april fools day.. and again calm down people! oh and is there gonna be a new podcast soon?

  • Just Jody

    The only problem with this April Fool’s joke is the people who can’t take a JOKE and responded so harshly. Don’t be mean just because you were fooled. The TV Addict certainly doesn’t deserve being called names for a successful prank. Especially considering he revealed that it was a fool right in the post.

  • So is everyone boycotting Michael Ausiello over at EW as well, considering he posted nearly the same item on Twitter later in the day?

    Good gag, BTW!

  • Ash

    I hate all these April Fools pranks. But at the very least, he did say it was a joke. At least we aren’t running around thinking its true. A lot of jokes just let you think its true.

  • Manju

    That’s not funny. My heart was pounding in my chest and I was screaming of happiness when I saw the article, I was so blind I couldn’t even see how fake the message actually is. You got me good, but it’s really cruel. πŸ™ This is like a slap in the face.

  • Hil

    Should have gone with the Supernatural one. Because after the initial panic the fans would at least still have their show when all is said and done. VM fans just have the wounds opened up again and nothing else really.

    (Besides lectures on why they should have laughed and what meanies they are for not thinking it was funny even though it wasn’t funny no matter how you look at it unless you want to laugh at reactions from sad VM fans and then you must be a sadistic ass.)

  • Nuj

    Sheesh. I am amazed at the number of people whose lives are so splendid that they can get so upset over stupid television. Or maybe it’s transference, and their lives are so bad TV’s the only good thing in it–if that’s the case, I’ll give out hugs instead of eyerolls.

    But since Eric Kripke has been saying for nearly three years that he only plans to have five seasons of Supernatural, and he said at the beginning of THIS season that he wasn’t going to do a season 5, plan B would have fallen flat. πŸ™‚

  • Babygirrr

    U got me so freakin good! In rl nobody got me today I was overprotective with all info I got today but I admit u got me! It rocked! That being said I would be lying if I said I didn’t shout whoohoo really loud when I first read it! LOL πŸ˜‰

  • Debsa

    Most excellent πŸ™‚

  • Debsa

    Very lame πŸ™

  • I’m a member of Neptune Rising: The Veronica Mars Movement and we’ve been fighting to get a movie since the show was canceled.
    I was warned before I came here to see this but don’t think it’s as bad as most people are making it sound and I seriously doubt the real movie poster would have LoVe on it anyway.
    Well played TVaddict and at least you picked a good topic for the prank knowing there are quite a few fans of the show still wanting more.
    I think we will get our movie so please everyone keep the faith and try not to get so frustrated.

  • todd livingstone

    My name is Anna and I am a fan.of Veronica Mars.I was very upset that it was a joke.I loved watching the seasons and I always thought there should of been a movie.So thank You for nothing. Anna

  • Saint Robert

    Got me!!!

  • Emaleeee

    THAT WAS SUCH A CRUEL JOKE!But a cute looking movie poster I might add!Haha Hopefullly someday this won't be fake!!

  • yelena

    owch. that hurt. i actually got really really hopeful for a minute there. but you wrote 2010 and its 2011… so i was kinda like wtf. i didnt know websites did such mean tricks. i wish that this idea was true, too bad. it would work if it wasnt a veronica mars continues but simply a veronica mars movie that people who’ve never seen the show would be able to grasp and love immediately.
    thats so mean…. seriously… at least remove the post…