The Top 6 Reasons To Watch Tonight’s LIFE ON MARS Series Finale (Even if you’ve neer seen it before!)

life on mars cast

1) So you can kick yourself for not having watched sooner. Especially the last 7 or 8 minutes, with executive producers Josh Applebaum and Scott Rosenberg promising in an interview with Michael Ausiello that, “There is a very clear and definitive answer as to what his journey has been about and how all the pieces over the past 17 hours play into that journey.” Adding, “If there’s one thing we feel pretty good about it’s that in the afterlife of LIFE ON MARS on DVD or wherever, it will exist as a cohesive, complete thought that will all make sense.”

2) Because even if you weren’t there for the beginning, you’ll be there for the end. Which means after you’ve finished kicking yourself for not having jumped on the LIFE ON MARS bandwagon sooner, you’ll have already saved $1.99 when you inevitably head on over to iTunes to download the rest of the series.

3) This may be your last chance to see Harvey Keitel on TV for a while. As he joins the long line of big screen stars (including: Ray Liotta and Christian Slater and Geena Davis) who couldn’t cut it on the small screen.

4) Both CSI: NY and LAW & ORDER are repeats.

5) So you’ll appreciate it all the more when runs our exclusive LIFE ON MARS post-mortem interview with showrunners Josh Applebaum and Scott Rosenberg tomorrow.

6) Inspired by frequent commenter Todd W in NC, Reason #6 is that ABC should be rewarded (read: with viewers) for allowing the LIFE ON MARS team enough time to craft a genuine ending for the series. Something networks far too often (read: almost always) fail to do.

Don’t miss the LIFE ON MARS series finale airing Wednesday April 1 at 10PM on ABC (GlobalTV in Canada)

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  • I have already set my TiVo.

    I watched the first episode, caught bits & pieces of the next few, and half-watched the last 3 or 4 episodes. So, about the only thing I’m not familiar at all are the middle episodes.

    I think I’ve seen just enough to be just curious enough to see what the ending is. Does the main character get back to 2008? Did he really time travel? Was it a dream, a hallucination, a coma-induced vision, a high-tech virtual reality experiment, a Cylon projection, something else entirely? I admit I want to know at least that much even if I never see another episode again in reruns or DVDs.

    Kudos to ABC for allowing a show to have a beginning, middle, and end — even if it was for only one season and even if it was by accident. It could be worse; they could have just dropped it without closure. Plus, maybe some shows just aren’t meant to be dragged out forever.

  • Todd W in NC,

    Great point about ABC, it inspired me to add a point #6

  • Naf

    I’m not sure if I should love ABC or hate them. On one hand, they’ve given me Lost, allowed this show to come to a proper end, gave Scrubs a proper final season, offered one to The New Adventures of Old Christine, and provided me with some great hours of Grey’s Anatomy and Brothers and Sisters. But, on the other hand, they cancelled Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daises ON THE SAME DAY, took the shows off the air instead of allowing the remaining episodes to air, and messed with Grey’s Anatomy with the whole Hann debacle. I never watched Life On Mars, the UK one was enough for me, but I’m glad to see that they gave it a chance to end in a nice way, instead to letting the writers end with the clifhanger they previously planned.

  • Kathryn

    Life on Mars was the best thing to come to television in a long time. I am definitely going to miss it.

  • CynthiaJay

    We’ve loved every episode of Mars (please don’t let Sam jump off a roof) and are greatly saddened that it is ending. We also loved Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money. TV just becomes more boring with stupid reality shows all the time.

  • Daniel

    I’m looking forward to tonight. Its good to know that the suits at ABC liked the show enough to give it a proper send off. I’m actually writing an article for my school paper about it and how other great shows get canceled. I can’t wait to get the DVD.

  • Best show ABC has…(Had) on tv. Great characters and well written also liked the music, exciting each episode not slow and drawn out like most shows. I think you will regret dropping LOM. Thanks for one year of a good show really going to miss it.