TV Ratings: Tuesday March 31, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM FOX American Idol 21.37 7.6/22
CBS NCIS 16.83 3.4/9
NBC The Biggest Loser 8.84 3.5/9
ABC Better Off Ted (R) 3.36 0.9/3
CW Reaper 2.31 1.0/3
8:30PM ABC Better Off Ted (R) 3.36 0.9/3
9PM FOX American Idol 23.34 9.0/24
CBS The Mentalist 16.91 3.8/9
ABC Dancing with the Stars Results 15.13 3.5/9
NBC The Biggest Loser 8.90 3.7/9
CW 90210 2.04 1.1/3
9:30PM FOX The Osbournes: Reloaded 9.33 4.1/10
10PM CBS Without a Trace 12.70 2.8/8
NBC Law & Order: SVU 9.34 3.4/9
ABC Cupid 7.56 3.8/9

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  • shanna

    Reaper got better rating than 90210. Hell yeah!

  • Irish Joe

    That’s quite adrop for 90210… I guess American Idol is killing it…. Their last run of new episodes (January/February) were in the 2.5 million region of viewers…

  • Irish Joe,
    That or the fact that the CW shouldn’t be keeping their shows off the air for months at a time and expect audiences to return right away.

  • Julius Henry

    Holey moley, THE MENTALIST bested NCIS. Interesting….

  • Josh Emerson

    Did you make a typo? I know Cupid didn’t top DWTS in the key demo.

    I love so much that the CW’s supposed key signature shows are failing. Go Reaper!

  • Nick

    It’s a shame, because viewers missed one of the best episodes of 90210 this season. I believe Rebecca Rand will turn the show around.

    Regarding the drop-off from Reaper….CW execs need to learn you can’t forcefeed your pet shows down viewers’ throats. People these days enjoy the supernatural (i.e. Reaper, Smallville, Supernatural). What’s wrong with expanding your target demo (and audience) to include young men. Don’t advertisers want to reach boys with any products? Or must it all be makeup and shampoo? C’mon, Dawn, wake up and give us some diversity with your new fall lineup….not just fickle teen chick schtick.

  • Ace

    Someone please explain to me 1) why anyone thought it was a good idea to give the drugged out Osbornes a variety show and 2) why so many people watched it? Was it the train wreck factor?

  • Nick: Make that the BEST episode of 90210 this season.

    Ace: I’m fairly confident the only reason people watched it was because it was on after IDOL. I myself would not watch it if you paid me.

  • Ace

    For the record, I’m a young female and I watch Reaper. I used to watch Smallville, but just can’t get into it anymore and kind of missed the boat on Supernatural, but totally see myself watching it on DVD eventually. I don’t get why the CW is marketing only to women either. Some guys enjoy a super cheesetastic show like Gossip Girl as much as any girl.

  • Jacob

    tvaddict in your opinion how few viewers does a CW flagship show have to have before sinking into obscurity?

    Just 2 mil for 90210 is low but it’s 90210. What else do they have really?

  • Jacob,

    As much as 2 million viewers is a far cry from the WB’s heyday of 4-5 million viewers for the likes of GILMORE GIRLS. It’s the new reality. Especially for the 18-34 demo that the CW caters to – many of whom have grown up with TV on demand via their DVR/PVR and/or online and don’t watch their shows live.

    According to 90210 actually had the highest sharere of it’s overall viewing by DVR with 35% of all viewing by DVR. GOSSIP GIRL and PRIVILEGED also saw large jumps in viewers when DVR numbers are taken into account.

  • Scott

    Ace: I don’t know about Gossip Girl, but OTH, yeah. I started watching the WB/CW for Smallville and Supernatural and was hoping to find some more great shows.. Years later i’m still only watching Smallville/Supernatural because the CW refuses to give me anything else to watch, and Reaper was fun the first episode but got boring quickly. If Vamp Diaries and Body of Lies aren’t all “make you cry and then give you a love story” drama like everything else on the CW (Reaper, Smallville, and Supernatural excluded), then I won’t be tuning into those either, but I am willing to give them a chance.

  • Scott

    Correction.. Body of Lies was a movie.. Body Politics is the show I am intrigued by..