Tonight’s TV Addictions: April 2, 2009

ER Retrospective (8PM NBC)
A look back at the dizzying highs (Dr. Ross rescues a boy caught in a storm drain) and ludicrous lows (anytime one of the Doc’s ventured off on a very special road trip) from ER’s 15 seasons.

ER (9PM NBC, CTV in Canada)
Old friends from County show up to support Carter as he opens a new medical facility for Chicago’s less fortunate. Which is kinda funny when you consider that when ER premiered 15 years ago, County General was the hospital for Chicago’s less fortunate, with anyone who had any money going to CHICAGO HOPE.

If Sam and Dean are surprised to discover that their lives as demon hunters are accurately detailed in a series of “Supernatural comic books,” just imagine what their reaction will be when they stumble upon what the online community affectionally calls “Wincest.”

CSI (9PM CBS, 8PM CTV in Canada)
Fans of the Jack Black laugher Nacho Libre will enjoy tonight’s episode that has the team investigating the mysterious world of Mexican Wrestling.

The first (and our guess only) season concludes when a psychotic woman accuses the FBI’s deputy director of stealing her baby and keeping her forcibly medicated to cover up the crime. Seriously, who watches this show?

  • Over 11 million viewers appearently since the 11th Hour is hardly struggling in the ratings. It will be renewed, it’s a hit.

  • Alex Pelligrino

    Are you nuts? “Eleventh Hour” is the 2nd most successful new show of this TV season and is always one of the top 15 or 20 TV shows every week, according to the ratings. It consistently wins its time slot. For a “TV addict” you don’t know much about what’s happening on TV.

  • Film2TV and Alex,

    In my defense, would a show that revolved around me reading the phone book (assuming phone books still existed and were relevant in the internet age in which we live) not be able to score 11 million viewers in the post-CSI timeslot?

  • Aileen

    Hey, I agree with you TVAddict. I gave Eleventh Hour a good 4 episodes to win me over and I was so bored I could barely get through episode 4. My question is, why would you want to watch it?

  • steve

    seriously stop with those hurtful comments, OK we get it you don’t like eleventh hour, but a LOT of people do. Same thing with the Unit and other shows, no need to be an ass about it.

    I mean hey you like that awful show called chuck or gossip girl or pushing daisies and on and on, it’s your taste you like those shows, you don’t see people being jerks about your shows.

  • Tracie

    Oh, don’t be hating on Eleventh Hour. It’s a great show. The finale was spectacular.

    Between Eleventh Hour and Fringe – the hole, that the X Files left when it went off the air, is almost completely filled!