Good News, Bad News: Showtime, ER, Kevin McKidd & Jay Leno

Good News: Showtime is said to be close to picking up RONNA AND BEVERLY, a comedy pilot from WEEDS creator Jeni Kohan and the Tim Robbins produced dysfunctional family drama POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS. Bad News: Pilots already officially given their rejection letter include the highly anticipated Matthew Perry/Peter Tolan comedy THE END OF STEVE and the L WORD spinoff THE FARM. [Source]

Good News: Thursday’s ER swan song saw an 82% bump over their original-episode season average. Bad News:Yet still managed to deliver only 14% of the 1993 CHEERS finale, and 24% of the FRIENDS finale. Ouch! [Source]

Good News: According to, Kevin McKidd is anxiously awaiting a McNickname of his very own. Bad News: After last week’s controversial episode, the commenters on have kindly obliged with a long string of suggestions including: McAngry, McScary, McPTSD, McDangerous and McStrangler [Source]

Good News: The president of NBC guarantees that, “Jay Leno will be on in Boston at 10PM in the fall.” Bad News: Phew, good to know that the Boston market won’t miss a moment of comedy gold like this. [Source]

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  • Linda B.

    Apparently those people who commented on about Kevin McKidd’s nickname did not stay tuned to watch the end of the episode. My nickname suggestion – McWhewIsItHotInHere 🙂

  • nctodc

    As someone who endured Ilene Chaiken’s awful screenwriting for six seasons of “The L Word,” the fact that SHOWTIME didn’t pick up “The Farm” qualifies as good news in my book.

    I thought McArmy was the agreed upon Mcname for Kevin McKidd’s Grey’s Anatomy character?

    I don’t know how NBC’s primetime schedule is going to work with only 2 hours of programming to work with.

  • RTH

    I like McHottie for Kevin McKidd of Grey’s Anatomy. His love scene with Sandra Oh was hot as hell!!