Off the Chart: Week in Review


1. 90210: That noise you just heard was 90210 finally getting interesting thanks to the introduction of Naomi’s new fast and furious guy candy (can we trademark that moniker?) Liam and Silver, who went from zero-to-crazy in less than sixty minutes.

2. LIFE ON MARS: As much as we’d like to applaud executive producers Josh Appelbaum, Scott Rosenberg and André Nemec for ending the American version of LIFE ON MARS on their own terms, it would help if we had a better understanding as to what exactly those terms were.

3. SUPERNATURAL: Regardless of whether you’re a “Sam Girl” or a “Dean Girl,” this TV Addict’s fairly confident that neither camp is complaining about Thursday’s seriously meta and super hilarious installment of SUPERNATURAL.

4. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: From the gut-wrenching play that lost the Dillon Panthers the State Championship in the closing seconds of the game to Tyra Collete’s heartbreaking college entrance essay, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS continues to be the best show on television nobody is watching.

5. TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES: And speaking of shows nobody is watching, our kudos of the week goes to TERMINATOR show-runner Josh Friedman for not only managing to keep a lid on one of the biggest surprises of the season, but for doing what BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Ronald D. Moore failed to do — pull a ‘Whedon’ by killing off a major character in a minor way.

6. ER: In what we can only assume is an unfortunate sign that ER should have checked out years ago, the hour-long retrospective that aired prior to the two-hour series finale packed a far more emotional punch than the episode in itself.

7. GLEE Trailer: If “being a part of something special makes you special” GLEE stars Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele and Company are in for one helluva ride. That, and can FOX get their actor together and please release a “Don’t Stop Believin’ single on iTunes so I can stop re-playing this trailer again and again and again.

  • Friday Night Lights…I’ve never been so invested in a football game that wasn’t real. The Panther’s loss broke my heart more than I think it did Coach’s. Thank goodness we get two more seasons of this rich, rich work.

  • SaneN85

    I am just pi**ed about the death on Terminator. I may not continuing watching this show now. Okay, I will, but I will still be angry for quite a while.

  • Last week’s storyline with Dixon/Silver was awesome! I’ve got a clip of all the SIlver/Dixon scenes on my blog at It also had a great song, “Magic Show” by Electric Owls that plays right before Silver shows her documentary…but anyway, I love the new crazy Silver!