Your TV Quotes of the Week: SUPERNATURAL Edition


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  • Kirma Cammy

    I”m sure that lots of people are gonna complain about the lack of… well… Everything ‘cept Supernatural, but you have to admit, last Thursday’s episode had some amazing lines.

  • Silly

    This is so overdue since you leave out a lot of great quotes of supernatural all the time

  • Hil

    Supernatural fans sure do complain a lot.

  • Athena606

    I really enjoyed it. Loved all the inside jokes. And how it moved the story along; you just know their gearing up to a Sam VS Dean showdown.

  • ewanspotter

    Not to be nitpicky (well, kind of), Dean actually said the “complain a lot” quote.

  • Mel

    OMGosh how could you even choose just three — let alone one? LOL — last week’s Supernatural episode was a treasure trove of quotes.

    I still like
    “I am the prophet, Chuck!”

    Thanks, TVAddict!!

  • Forrester

    Loved it when Chuck’s first thought was that he must be a god. I hope they bring Chuck back sometime.

  • Anne

    Supernatural had so many great quotes last week!

    I think my favorite is still Castiel’s deadpan: “You should have seen Luke.”

  • patty

    I actually laughed so hard at that episdoe that I drove my roommates out of the room. It was just flat out hilarious (and awesome in general).

  • NikkiHolly

    thank you, tv addict. this just made my day a little brighter. 🙂

  • laily

    amazzzzzing episode.

  • JC

    “I am the prophet *slight pause* Chuck!

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! Still gets me.

  • Kaly

    One of the best episodes of the series. Hilarious and smart but of course some people are still complaining about it. 😉

  • Filmi Dude

    Excellent episode. Supernatural just keeps getting better and better. Not something you can say about most shows which a reaching the end of their fourth season.

    Just a heads up TVAddict. That last quote is wrongly attributed. I believe Dean said “For fans, they sure do complain a lot.”

  • I LOVE Sam & Dean- They are so “TASTY”!!!!!!