As Predicted: Sydney Moves Back into MELROSE PLACE

In today’s edition of why one lucky network should be handing over big bucks, a corner office and a fancy title to this TV Addict, we take a look at yesterday’s late breaking news courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter that has actress Laura Leighton reprising her role as everybody’s favorite red-headed vixen, Sydney Andrews on the CW’s MELROSE PLACE re-boot. Something we should mention, we called for way back in March, when we wrote what would turn out to be the following prophetic plea:

With Entertainment Weekly reporting that Heather Locklear has done the expected and turned down the CW’s much-publicized plea offer to return to MELROSE PLACE, can the producers please move on, come to their senses and offer Laura Leighton the starring role Sydney so richly deserves.

Not surprisingly, Leighton joining the cast of ludicrously good looking tenants including Shaun Sipos, Michael Rady, Jessica Lucas, Katie Cassidy, Ashlee Simpsson-Wentz, Colin Egglesfield and Stephanie Jacobsen — naturally begs today’s question of the day which is: Post away with your pick for Cougar Sydney’s first conquest? We’re gonna go with Shaun Sipos, because only in the MELROSE PLACE world would it make sense for Laura Leighton to bed her real-life ex’s (Grant Show) fiction TV son!

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  • Irish Joe

    Will be interesting to see how they bring her back from the dead…

    My guess…. after the car accident, she was brought to hospital… where she was mixed up with someone else, who did die… So everyone was told she died and was buried etc…

    Meanwhile, the real Sydney, who remained unidentified at the Hospital, lay in a coma, woke up one day with no memories etc… cut to 10 years later and she just happens to have moved into an apartment on Melrose…

    However, knowing Sydney, she probably faked her death for some insurance scam – or to get away from the rat Craig!