Tonight’s TV Addictions: April 6, 2009

CHUCK (8PM NBC, CityTV in Canada)
With THE BIG BIG BANG THEORY, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and GOSSIP GIRL all airing old episodes tonight, it’s CHUCK versus the REPEATS. Which means you really have no excuse not to tune into tonight’s brand new episode that has Chuck coming face-to-face with his TV dad played by Scott Bakula.

GREEK (8PM ABC Family)
When Casey and Ashleigh begin to doubt Rebecca’s work as a mole and suspect that she may be a double agent for Frannie, we begin to wonder if the GREEK writers may have spent a little too much time watching 24 on their hiatus.

If Bob Saget wanted to distance himself from his roots on FULL HOUSE, he sure succeeded: he’s gone from in-over-his-head doting father to a cad of a ne’er do well husband. That wouldn’t be so bad if SURVIVING SUBURBIA wasn’t like every mid-’90s sitcom that already ended (or was canceled). Perhaps Saget should stick to stand-up and his narrator gig on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, both of which are far funnier than this. — Aleks Chan

A woman found frozen at a construction side leads Beckett and Castle to reopen a cold case. COLD CASE, really? You’d think a best-selling author like Richard Castle would know a thing or two about plagiarism, we’re just sayin’

HOUSE (8PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Dave Matthews, Mos Def, and now Meat Loaf? When did being a famous musician become a prerequisite for a guest spot on the hit FOX drama? Seriously, we’re talking HOUSE here, not SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

24 (8PM FOX, Global in Canada)
Further evidence that change is in the air has Jack and the FBI work on a strategy to ward off further terror attacks. Instead of you know… shooting first and asking questions later.

The Food Network gets the munchies with tonight’s installment spotlighting snack-size treats from White Castle and Ben & Jerry’s.

In what we can only hope is one epically frozen piece of ice, Eric and Betty take all 12 kids ice-skating for the first time.

In what Lauren Conrad promises to be the final season of THE HILLS (not to be confused with the last two seasons which Lauren, like totally swore were the final seasons), Lauren is thrown a surprise birthday and is none-too-pleased when Stephanie brings Heidi along.

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  • Psst: Chuck’s dad is being played by Scott Bakula, not Chevy Chase.

  • Hil

    What Tim said. And thank god for that.

  • I love Castle….I so didn’t think i would at first but then my mom made me sit down and watch it with her the first time it came one and I just cant stop watching it now…..!!!

  • Ace

    Chevy is still in the episode though :). Which makes me realize that they probably should have squeaked this episode into sweeps. *sigh* NBC…

  • Silly

    You mention unwrapped, table for 12 and the hills but no heroes? oh come on

  • Seth CohenI

    Um… not sure I’d call Scott Bakula a “funny man” necessarily. Sure, Quantum Leap had its funny moments, but…

  • Silly,
    I’m sorry I really tried, but I’m done with HEROES

    Seth Cohenl,
    (Love your name) and the “funny man” was left over when I accidently had Chevy Chase in place of Scott Bakula. Although, Bakula on NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, pretty funny stuff!

  • Hil

    He was the straight man on Quantum Leap. Dean Stockwell was the funny guy. I am betting he plays the straight man on Chuck too. But back to Chuck – I think that casting was perfect. Hopefully the show will get picked up for another season and we can get more of a storyline out of it kinda like with Alias.

  • Just Jody

    No My Boys? I thought you were a fan TV Addict? (9pm on CHCHC)

    And while I fully support the dropping of Heroes, silly does have a point that it is still new.

  • Silly

    Trust me I totally get that you dont watch the show anymore, but before you put reality shit like The Hills in there and those other two things Id rather want to see Heroes listed. Just my 5 cents to that topic.

  • Jacob

    Why are House and 24 under the same category of ‘noteworthy’ as The Hills?

  • elizabeth krall

    why doesn´t anybody talk about Saving Grace?

  • Since there seems to be some confusion over today’s listings, allow me to clarify my philosophy.

    “What We’re Watching” is exactly that.
    “New & Notable” represents shows that our either new and or notable. It doesn’t always include every show that is new (see HEROES) and because it’s notable doesn’t mean I enjoy it (see THE HILLS)

  • Ace

    Gosh, TVA just can’t win sometimes. If you guys want a full listing of what’s on tonight, I recommend :-P.