Good News, Bad News: KINGS, the CW & Jay Leno

Good News: NBC has committed to airing the remaining eight episodes of KINGS first (and most likely only) season. Bad News: On Saturday night, with the peacock network announcing today that due to disappointing ratings, the series will be replaced by yet another installment of DATELINE. [Source]

Good News: Yesterday, network president Dawn Ostroff announced that for the first time, the CW will launch original programming during the summer months. Bad News: Rather than take a page from the early days of FOX’s playbook that had the fledgling network make a name for themselves by airing original episodes of BEVERLY HILLS 90210 in the summer up against virtually zero competition, the CW will be offering up two pointless reality TV shows that nobody will watch. [Source]

Good News: In a valiant effort to differentiate his new 10PM talk show set to premiere this fall, Jay Leno has revealed that he’ll lose his trademark couch and desk. Bad News: Yet still keep the same old tired OJ jokes he’s been treading out for over a decade now. [Source]

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  • Jonah

    Excellent observation about CW summer shows. The original Melrose Place, incidentally, also debuted in the summer months. It’s a mystery why execs won’t try to break out of the box, or in this case, look to past history as a guide. The O.C., 90210, Melrose….FOX got all the buzz and viewers during the summer.

    Why do you think the inane America’s Got Talent is so successful? (Aside from the brain-dead viewers, that is.) It airs in the summer, when people are searching for something new to watch.

  • NikkiHolly

    Didn’t the CW air Hidden Palms in July a couple summers ago?

  • ewanspotter

    Whatever, Ostroff.

  • Ace

    OMG are you kidding about another installment of Dateline b/c I said that yesterday and I was completely joking. Stupid stupid NBC. How many Nigerian schemes can they cover???