TV Ratings: Monday April 6, 2009

Source: MediaWeek, Ratings: in millions
Time Network Show Rating 18-49
8PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 17.51 3.8/11
FOX House 13.01 5.0/13
CBS The Big Bang Theory (R) 8.86 3.2/9
NBC Chuck 6.01 2.1/6
CW Gossip Girl (R) 1.14 0.5/1
8:30PM CBS How I Met Your Mother (R) 8.45 3.3/9
9PM ABC Dancing with the Stars 21.37 5.2/12
FOX 24 11.04 3.8/9
CBS NCAA Basketball Championship 13.68 4.7/11
NBC Heroes 6.05 2.6/6
CW One Tree Hill (R) 1.08 0.5/1
9:30PM ABC Surviving Subrubia 12.16 3.2/8
10PM CBS NCAA Basketball Championship 17.51 5.5/14
ABC Castle 9.24 2.4/6
NBC Medium 7.15 2.2/5

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  • Nick

    Well, Surviving Suburbia –as inane as it is….who cast this show?…and who’s writing it??–scored a 12-rating. Yes, a 12. Which may be the collective IQ of the ABC audience on Monday nights. Just curious how other comedies fare after Prancing With The “We Wish We Were” Stars? I’m too lazy to look.

  • Nick

    Ah, yes….thank you, America! NBC just pulled the outstanding KINGS off Sunday night, and will burn off the remaining episodes on Saturdays. We can only hope that NBC will now serve up more of the reality drech that mindless viewers seem to crave. Why should networks even try, anymore?

  • Ace

    I don’t understand why NBC is moving it to Saturday. Do they have something to air on Sunday? A fourteenth Dateline?

  • Hil

    I guess we get a new episode of Kings a day sooner though… (sigh)

  • Hil,

    Way to find the silver lining 🙂

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