AMERICAN IDOL Season 8 Results: Who Went Home

Dying to know which contestant America sent home packing tonight, but not enough to actually sit through the commercial-filled, over-produced, hour-long borefest that was tonight’s AMERICAN IDOL results show? No problem, that’s what is here for!

scott macintyre
Scott MacIntyre

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  • So glad we can get information in 2 seconds and not have to endure American-bile.

  • Josh C.

    this show is garbage. I’m sorry but there is no way around it

  • Karly

    I thought it was gonna be ‘Lil Rounds idk why, I guess I forgot about him. I now see why, but I liked him! I thought he was good the way he could play his guitar and be blind! I really liked his music! Just remember that every American Idol star gets recognized and at some point gets a record deal.

  • Karly

    I didn’t even watch it.

  • Phil

    He’s blind, not stupid! I found the judges to be insulting when they tred on eggshells with this guy. He’s just not that talented, and should have gone long ago. The whole “split decision” thing was contrived. It’s beginning to look very rehearsed with the big “powow” at the end. Will I stay or will I go?

  • Mike

    At least he didn’t have to see how awkward the judges looked…..but let’s face it…he sucked like Britney backstage at the VMA’s……

  • Destiny

    Scott MacIntyre has stage presence and is a very talented young man.

  • scottish chick

    I am glad Scott has gone. Yes he has talent but not enough talent to win. I think adam is great but all the hype puts me off a bit. Alison to win!!!!!

  • Sammi

    I had to work 🙁 and i cant find the episode online..who was sent home on idol tonight (( april 15th 2009))??? its down to meeee

  • Haven

    I personally didnt like him. I maen nothing against blind peps i had a grandma that was blind but i want Rose to win the hippi girl that dad died I REALLY liked her. or the gir with the little baby with the big tatoo on her arm she was good to.