FRINGE Recap: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


The Good: With the mysterious serial killer known only as “the Artist” providing FRINGE fanatics with genuine Silence of the Lambs inspired fears, and Olivia Dunham’s emotional connection to a mysterious folic-ally challenged child delivering the tears, last night’s installment of FRINGE was far and away our favorite episode of the series thus far.

The Bad: Josh Jackson’s Peter Bishop was relegated to mere comic relief, adding virtually nothing to the episode outside of the occasional eye-brow raise and off-the-cuff one liner in reaction to Walter’s antics. That, and the decision to cast Erik Palladino as the child welfare case worker/CIA operative took away from the suspense a bit — because let’s face it, there is no way the actor best known (at least to this TV Addict) as the smarmy Dr. Dave Malucci on ER was going to be playing a nice guy.

The Ugly: The fact that many fans missed a killer of an ending as a result of AMERICAN IDOL running nine minutes long (see video after the jump.)

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  • Tracie

    >>The Ugly: The fact that many fans missed a killer of an ending as a result of AMERICAN IDOL running nine minutes long

    Yeah, I was a bit pissed when I was watching it later on that night and it got cut off. After 2 months away, you’d figure that FOX would have shown Fringe a little more respect than to have AI run over.

  • Sylvia

    Why did American Idol go over time? My husband and I were anxious to see Fringe and we had to suffer with Idol. We did get to see Fringe from beginning to end.

  • Laura

    Uggg i was so upset about Idol running over! I was watching it on my PVR last night and have no clue how it ended!

  • dwayne

    kinda sucks that some of us have no clue how fringe ended

  • Linda B.

    Thankfully I decided to watch Fringe live last night instead of catching up on Heroes et al from the night before. Otherwise, i guess i’d be watching it online tonite.

  • Meeko

    I have to turn to Hulu for the last 9 minutes, the next day. It really frustrated me- I was wondering if that was FOX’s goal to get viewers to give up on a show.

  • Kaly

    I’m with you on the underuse of Joshua Jackson on this show. The guy is charismatic and a pretty decent actor and I don’t really understand why the show’s producers have relegated him to a second-teer sidekick. I think the Peter-Walter relationship is what makes this show interesting. Olivia as a character has improved since the series started but I still find her rather dull compared almost every other character on the show. She certainly ain’t no Scully or even Sydney Bristow.

  • The ending is, well…expect the unexpected. I loved it, watch it on the CTV website.