Must See TV Saturday: ABC Announces Airdates for Final Episodes of PUSHING DAISIES, ELI STONE and DIRTY SEXY MONEY


Having no life is finally about to pay off! Thanks to today’s announcement courtesy of ABC that the remaining episodes of some of your favorite brilliant-but-cancelled series will burn off their final batch of episodes throughout the summer on Saturdays at 10PM. With PUSHING DAISIES airing on Saturday May 30th through Saturday June 13 at 10PM, ELI STONE airing from June 20 through July 11, and DIRTY SEXY MONEY from July 18 through August 8.

  • Its about time! Saturdays in the summer may not be ideal, but at least these shows will alone fans to be satisfied! 🙂

  • dwayne

    i really find it hard to believe that eli stone is no longer with the living…too bad

  • Linda B.

    Best news I’ve heard all day! Now if ABC REALLY cared about the fans, they wouldn’t have cancelled these shows in the first place ;(

  • I wish all these show were not cancelled, but since I’m used to being the way of shows I like, I’m glad to know I can see the remaining episodes. I’m old, so Saturday at 10.00 pm won’t hurt me. And I agree with what Linda B. wrote.

  • Grandmere

    I agree…if they really cared about viewers, these show would still be on. I only watch Brothers and Sisters and Castle on ABC. I seldom watch any network tv now, I turn to cable and find things that are intelligently written to watch

  • Brian

    You all realized that ABC–and the other networks–are businesses, right? They need to be able to pay for these shows, so if no one watches they can’t do that. I’m sure ABC would have preferred to leave the shows on the air, but they didn’t cancel them because “they don’t care about the fans.”

  • Josh Emerson

    Well, it was ABC’s fault that Pushing Daisies died. They should have brought the show back immediately when the strike ended but they didn’t. They left it off the air for another 5 months first, so the fans that initially tuned in just lost all interest in the show. Could a show really be expected to survive after being off the air for 10 months?

  • I love those 3 shows sad to see them all go, well at least they had the decency to air the remaining episodes.

    I’ve seen the last episodes of DSM though because the station that carries it here in the Philippines aired it a month ago. And sadly it does not have a closure. 🙁

  • Ace

    I can’t wait to watch the final Pushing Daisies. I really miss that show. 🙁 Lee Pace needs to be cast in a fall piolet pronto.

    I watched Eli Stone the first season, but the second season got way too ridiculous and preachy. I think they did themselves in on that one.

  • Mark

    Its amazing and depressing that shows like DSM get the axe but infantile stuff like “Wipeout” keeps going, do these networks have focus groups made up entirely of 12 year old boys?